Social Skills 101 - what NOT be like.

Jesus Christ.

What an unspeakable piece of shit.

Thank god she pulled her little act in front of witnesses so there will be no misunderstanding about who’s the fucked up bitch. I hope there were plenty of people on hand to see her in action, though if this hag has been around for seven years, I am sure Joe’s family have a pretty good idea of what they’re dealing with. My guess is that Joe is afraid of what the bitch will do to him if he breaks up with her. Either that, or he likes having his balls run through a cuisinart a couple of times a week just for fun.

And, Creamy – I know you know this already, but I have no doubt that your first husband is, indeed, VERY happy for you right now, wherever he may be. He loves you and he wants you to have a wonderful life. Period. (I am a widow too, and my sweetie would be delighted if I ever found someone.)

Enjoy your wedding. When is it, so we can all think about you on your day?

Me feelings exactly…that certainly could be perceived as a very nice thing to say…but not by this bitch!


I read you other thread as well, but wow. I could understand a little friendly jealousy, but this is truly despicable.

How well do you get along with Joe? Could you request that he keep his fiancee out of your way? Weddings are stressful enough without throwing a catty future sister-in-law into the mix. :shudder:

Good luck with your wedding though - your best revenge will be having a blast and not letting the bitch ruin it for you. Actually, no. Your best revenge will be living a fantastic life with your husband while she is stewing in her own bitterness.

Methinks this woman must be unthinkably beautiful. Beautiful women often seem to think they can get away with being like that.

But I can’t help but wonder, how on God’s green earth can she have a boyfriend??!? If I were him, I’d invite you and your fiancee over to watch me kick her out and then play “We Are the Champions” really loud on my stereo as she left. Seriously, having a girlfriend like that must be like having sex with a rabid bear with a trap clamped to it’s crotch.

I agree with all your other supporters here, and I think you know that in the long run your honesty and lack of malice will prevail.

And I had to say I love Smashed Icecream! All smooshy and slurpy and flavoured with Cointreau is good, or crumbled up chocolate biscuits (cookies, y’all), or (delight of delights) raw ground coffee and whisky!

And Smashed Ice Cream ain’t too bad either! Glad you’ve stopped lurking mate!


Holy shit! I’m so mad for you! I would love to give this cunt-drip a piece of my mind. GRRRR!

Redboss thank you for vindicating me. A favourite dessert of mine is french vanilia ice-cream with a wee bit of single-malt scotch “smashed” in, topped with finely ground espresso beans. Buzzzz. My friends won’t even try it. Fools.


I think I’m going to have to try that recipe - thanks!


Smashed Ice Cream, from everything you’ve said, this woman is desperately in need of a bitch-slapping [sub]or a pair of concrete shoes[/sub]. There’s no chance you could take her for a nice, long drive in the country and just leave her out there?

Best of luck for your upcoming wedding. I hope you have a wonderful day, and that you and your husband just keep on getting happier together.

She certainly sounds evil. You may want to consider:

Her boyfriend and your fiancee are brothers. She is doing things that can indirectly but ultimately pit the brothers against each other. If your fiancee is close to his brother, you should really consider putting up with her crap for the sake of the brothers relationship. Specifically, I’m thinking about refusing her into your home. It may not be long before Joe stops coming over, even though he’s welcome. And it’ll only escalate beyond that. It is a reality that he and she are living together in a long-time relationship, and his allegience will be strained between her and his brother.

Not to say that you shouldn’t (politely IMO) make her aware that her comments are way out of line.

Bill H, that’s Joe’s choice and consequence, not SIC’s. If he’s going to hook himself up with such a cuntnugget, he should understand the consequences. That it causes a riff in his relationship with his brother is not SIC’s fault, and she should by no means be expected or encouraged to put up with that kind of shit when Joe is the one who should be shoveling it.

Jesus. Rollerskating. Christ.

Smashed, I don’t know if you do cyberhugs, but. . .


The assemblage at the restaurant must be wonderful, genteel people. Had I been there I would have been complled to see how much of her pointy little head I could fit in the salt shaker. Or maybe the thing they put the sugar packets in, if that was closer. What she did is beyond reprehensible.

I don’t have words to express how I feel right now. All I can say is that those who love you and care about you know about her and won’t let her ruin your happiness.

And I have to agree with Tenar on what she said. Finding happiness with someone else after your spouse dies is not selfish or disrespectful. The relationship you had with your first husband is something precious that you will have and treasure forever. Sharing your life with another does not diminish that.

<raising glass>I wish you and your fiance a life of love, luck, and happiness.</raising glass>

BTW, I am the size of a small battleship and have a left hook that will stop a train. If you would like to take cazzle’s advice from your first thread and have somebody hang around the festivities to prevent any spoliation of your special day, I humbly offer my services.

You won’t even have to tell the caterer. I’ll just lurk around outside in a dark suit. Just lemme know.

Again, congratulations and best wishes for much happiness.



I’d like to alter the advice I gave you in the other thread.

Number 1 - make her a bridesmaid.

Number 2 - Recruit those large relatives as bouncers, but this time arm them.

Number 3 - Choose a bridesmaid’s dress with a pattern of round red circles on it… something known in the fashion world as a “target”.

Number 4 - Stand well away from her, and incorporate the word “Fire” into the ceremony.

I hate this woman! She’s awful! Tell her that complete strangers on the other side of the world are cursing the day she was born. Tell her she’s universally hated, and in some countries her name is a synonym for “Complete and Utter Cow”.

She’s a nasty piece of work. I’m glad her evil little comment came back against her - you deserve happiness, and I hope one day you’ll look back on this time and think “I wonder what ever happened to that stupid bitch after she was tarred and feathered and dumped miles from home?”

Ugh. What an awful person!

Smashy-girl! Much sympathy and best wishes.

I hereby volunteer my services as bitch-bouncer, if you buy me beer. [sub](Even tho’ you never e-mailed me the name of your bar like you said you were gonna. I’m sure it was just 'cause you forgot, and not that you think I’m a creepy weirdo-guy.)[/sub]

Smashed Ice Cream, she’s JEALOUS, plain and simple. I know that was mentioned in your other thread, but it can’t be said enough.
I’m sure to her way of thinking, it’s “Smashed Ice Cream has been married twice and I haven’t been married at all; it’s just not fair!”

God, what a bitch. Has your fiance said anything to his brother about her? That comment about your first husband was way out of line. Do your future in-laws know about it? Have they seen her behavior towards you? Do they know about this latest remark? What are their feelings towards her?

As mentioned before, when you are around her, kill her with kindness. Bite your tongue and rise above her petty, childish behavior. You will be the better person for it, although it sounds like you are already doing that.

I can only imagine what will happen if you decide to have kids and she’s still not married.

Wait, how can you have sex if the trap is clamped to its… :eek: Never mind!

And yes, I forgot an “n,” Larry, so I will include an extra one here - n. There. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Bitch be Crazy!” indeed! Shag, that sounds like a much-needed product which one could spray on people like her.

Ann Blyth: “Hi, I’m Ann Blyth for Bitch be Crazy! Are you troubled by bothersome bitches who burst into otherwise happy events and annoy everyone with their insane and heinous outbursts? One application of Bitch be Crazy! will laminate her in a break-proof shell, which can be easily ignited with one match.”

[Bitch be Crazy! is not available in Louisiana. Also try new Goat-Felching Bastard from Hell! Bitch be Crazy! is a Popiel product.]

oops, sorry I haven’t responded for a while.

I’ll address the recurring statements, questions, etc.

The brothers are very close, yes. They work together, moved here together, used to spend a lot of time together, and her behaviour, although it wasn’t the greatest, wasn’t so intrusive and obnoxious. It’s been over the last 1.5-2 years that she’s become so…uh, odd. That’s the biggest reason why I hate the whole situation. That’s why my fiancee is so upset, because he doesn’t know what to do. Joe’s his brother. He wants to talk with Joe about it, but doesn’t really know how to bring it up. My opinion isn’t that it’s something Joe doesn’t realize. (Joe is no dummy, but one of those world-class nice guys.) She’s constantly being horrible. (another example of her weirdness) The day before this happened, we bought new living room furniture. Joe helped us move, she wanted to come by after it was done to see it. She came in, started bouncing around on the sofa, and told Joe that she wanted to go buy the exact same set (i am really not making this up, I swear). Joe doesn’t want the same set, nor does he really want, nor think they can afford, new furniture at all. She picked at him until she yelled to a point I could hear (I can’t hear anything quieter than a pretty loud shout) Joe took her to leave (he wanted to go home, she wanted to go to the furniture store), 20 minutes later when we left to go out to dinner, she was still standing in front of my apartment building yelling at him.

[sub](for what it’s worth, they didn’t get the furniture)[/sub]

So we decide that what he’s doing with her isn’t our business. And Joe is a great guy, he tries to keep everyone happy despite the fact he spends WAY too much time apologizing for her. Jealousy is one thing, insanity is another. I don’t think there’s really anything to be that jealous of. We’re all about the same age, level of looks, financial status, intelligence level, etc etc etc. I’m jealous of the fact she can wear red and I can’t. Maybe I ought to act like a freak. (If you can’t beat 'em…)

I just can’t deal with her. And won’t.

Tenar, Zappo- thank you thank you. I do believe he’s happy for me as well. Being widowed so young has always been a subject people avoid like the plaque around me. There’s a lot of us out there.

Deb2World - if you wanna hear about the wedding, i’ll send you an email. I could reach max bandwidth yapping about it. Thanks for asking!! :slight_smile: I adore yapping about it. Lavender is the color, including my wedding dress. (screw tradition)

[hijack own thread]

Smashed Ice Cream:
1 oz. Baileys Irish Cream
1/2 ox creme de menthe
1 cup Breyer French Vanilla (it HAS to be Breyers)
1/2 oz Godiva Chocolate liquoer
whipped cream

Smash the Baileys and creme de menthe into ice cream. Drizzle Godiva on top, liberally spread whipped cream. Eat. Repeat as necessary. Tastes like Andes’ candies.

Cazzle - hehehhhhah ha ha ha ha!! I needed that, thank you!

Ferrous. McDuffs. Show up on a monday after 8pm if you like blues Jams. Thu. after 8 if you like acoustic blues. Tip red haired hearing impaired bartender liberally :slight_smile:

Shagnasty, Eve, she could be the poster girl. ::::sigh:::

Everyone else - thanks for the nice karma. I felt pretty good this morning, despite the hassles. Look for updates tonight, the brothers are going to go golfing[sub]provided it ever stops raining, which it isn’t likely to do in Oregon until about April[/sub] so I’m sure the subject will come up.

ugh. I’m going to search websites for companies that don’t mind shipping live humans to remote islands against their will now.

You’re welcome you’re welcome. Yep, there are a lot of us out there. For a while I thought I was the only one, but I’ve learned different.

A lavender wedding sounds fantastic. Have a great time!


If it helps you any with nosy old biddies who will question this decision, I think you actually ARE following tradition. After all, isn’t the white dress for fresh, virginal young brides? Since you’ve been married before, technically you’re not “supposed” to wear white.

Not that I, or most people, give a hoot what you want to wear to your own wedding. But it’s a good answer to have ready.

BTW, I think a lavendar dress sounds beautiful. I’m hoping to be planning my own special event soon, so I might be needing some advice!

And just to put my two cents in about the bitch from hell, it may be that Joe wants someone to talk to him about her. Maybe he knows what needs to be done, but just needs that extra little push in the right direction. Also, maybe he needs reassurance from you guys that you will support him 100% if he decides to break free. It can be scary, when you’re so used to having someone in your life, to contemplate being alone, even if your SO is making your life miserable.

Maybe you could find a single gal to flirt with him and make him realize what he’s missing by sticking with the monster.

Best of luck with everything! And let us know how it goes…

Oh, Smashy! It’s hard to imagine that things could have gotten even worse since your last thread! :frowning: I’m sorry to hear it.

How does the rest of your fiance’s family feel about her? How do they deal with her?