Spidey - Orlando III (return of the Dopes)

Okay – now that the real board is back I’ll post this a 3[sup]rd[/sup] time.

Where: Orlando. Specifically the Royal Plaza Hotel
When: May 3,4,5
What: Movies, Pleasure Island, various other mechanisms for separating workers from capital, debauchery, little umbrella drinks for pricciar, jokes about little umbrella drinks for everyone else.
Who: All the cool people.
Why: Because we like you.

the skinny: Special rate of $89/night because a friend of mine books for the hotel in question, which is ideally situated for numerous Orlando-type attractions. Anyone who is interested in securing a room at said rate should email me the name under which they want the reservation. Reservations can be cancelled without penalty until 24 hours prior to the event! But I need to get a list of names in to reserve rooms ASAP. So, if you are interested please send me an email.

tap tap Is this thing on?

Hey, I emailed you like a week ago! Did you get it? The reservation will be in my name.

I won’t be needing a room, as I won’t be coming up to stay. But I would like to know the time-table of “events” so I can come up for one or more of them. As they are finalized, can someone please let me know?

Me too! I’m hoping to get to at least one event to meet some folkses… If I had an idea of what-all is going on, I can plan.


I will be there.
Spiritus, I sent you out an email. Sometime last week. Did you get it?

I am so looking forward to this. All the ingredients for a great party are there. Booze booze and more booze.

Oh. And other stuff.

Getting to meet Spiritus!
Hanging out with katie.
Riding roller coasters
Meeting other dopers.

Everyone should sign up right now.
As far as a time table.
Here is what I was able to figure out from previous threads:

Friday night:
Go see Spider-man, earlier in the evening.
After the movie meet up at a bar/restaraunt place to discuss the philosophic points of the film over Grasshoppers and Mai Tais.
Go to Islands of Adventure to enjoy the Spider-man ride and other great roller coaster type things, and a Dr. Seuss Carousel.
Afterwards meet up at some bar/restaraunt place to discuss the philosophic aspects of rollercoaster over Grasshoppers and Rum Fuzzies. “The dichotomy between incredible speeds the ride reaches and our long wait in line symbolizes the fast fun aspecst of our life, set against the slow dullness of every day boring. What Islands of Adventure was trying to say…” Really, I can’t finish - now everyone will have to attend to find out the end of my roller coaster treatise.

Cinco De Mayo - We will sit around and celebrate the holiday over Grasshoppers and Margaritas.

It will be a well rounded weekend. Most all of the girl drinks will be represented.

Pat, Geobabe:
Yep, I got both of your emails. We threee will be taken care of for certain. I have just been waiting for stragglers before finalizing the reservations. It’s easier to reserve rooms and then give them back than it is to find more rooms on short notice.

I’m here!

Spiritus, I believe one of my people contacted you about my reservations. Let me know if you need more information.

Who’s going to be there?

Spiritus Mundi

Where’s velvetjones and thinksnow? What about whatmove?

Who else said they were going to be there?

While that is the weekend before the week of AP exams at my school, I may be able to make it up for a Saturday afternoon/evening thing, no hotel needed, though. Let me know what you come up with.

In the initial OrlanDope thread I had said I would be there (with bells on, IIRC)- but that may not come to fruition :frowning: Something has come up and I have to commit money to that before I can consider a dopefest- but you can bet I am hoping it works out that I win the lotto and can drink girly drinks with you in May.

Katiue – yep, your people got in touch with my people (okay, okay–my email drop). You’re in like Flynn. Of course, Flynn still owes me money, the bastard!

hmmm – i think the Green Goblin stole my last post. Let’s try again.

Reservations confirmed for:
GeoBabe & her GeoStud

Latecomers are welcome, but they must answer me these questions three ere the reservation cite they see:[ol]
[li]What is your name?[/li][li]What is your quest?[/li][]What is the punishment for lighting the grail-shaped beacon?*[/ol]

I’ll still try to make it, with my friend Kerri.

Katie (or someone), please keep me posted as I no longer participate on these boards.

Hey, I’m here! And I’m going to be there. I live in the area so I won’t be needing a room.

I sure am looking forward to meeting all of you. Hope you don’t mind if I take a pass on the rollercoasters. I went on that Incredible Hulk thing at Islands of Adventure once with my nephew. It took me 2 hours to recover. So, rather than puke on my new dope buddies. (at least not if I haven’t been drinking) I’ll probably just join you later. Be warned, drinking Friday night and rollercoasters on Saturday are not a good mix.

My band has a regular Thursday night gig in Winter Park which is right next to Orlando (about 15 miles from the theme parks). Anybody wanna come one day early and party? I’ll buy you a drink.

Thanks, Spiritus for doing the legwork and keeping the momentum going.

I’ll keep you informed, Cyndar. Hope everything works out and you can still make it.

Oh, I like that appellation, like he’s the royal consort or something. Most excellent.

What the? What did I miss? Where is she goin’?

Oh, Cyndar’s not physically going anywhere. I just don’t think she makes around to the SDMB as much as she used to.

Okay, I have confirmation numbers for folks. Pat, geo–you should have each received an email with the 800 number and your reservation number. If you didn’t get it, please let me know.

Katie, please send me an email. I will reply with your reservation number and confirmation information.

I may be geographically undesirable with my Ocoee address, out of the I-4 corridor and all, but can yas’ keep me informed of the goings-on, too?