Star Trek Phase 2: First 8 episodes available online

I searched and searched and could not find any threads on this except one back in 2010 where this was just the beginnings of a hopeful project.

Anywho, I’ll just say that I’m glad I didn’t pay to see these. The space art and effects are beyond excellent (with one single exception: the planet killer in episode 1), but the acting is overdone and characters are miscast. Kirk looks so much like Robert Hays as Ted Striker from Airplane! that I half expect him to look into the camera at any moment and say “what a pisser!”. The actor playing Spock seems to change every second eposide, and none of them feel quite right. But of course, Nimoy is a tough act to follow. Scotty’s accent is laughable.

But there are many good things: the original music mixed in with some of the music from the first and second movies, the original ship design, original sound effects, and non-bumpy-foreheaded Klingons. About the only thing they didn’t keep from the original series is the computer’s voice. It sounds more like the modern Majel Barrett voice in Voyager.

Oh, and lots and lots of old style Klingon battle cruisers! Bad acting aside, I will certainly continue to watch, and might even contribute to the effort.