Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans: What will/should happen to Ahsoka Tano?

I’m torn about whether I should explain who Ahsoka Tano is. On the one hand, anybody who watches SW:TCW regularly surely knows who she is and why her eventual fate is up in the air, so the only people who would have to ask what I’m talking about are not likely to have an opinion in the first place. On the other hand, not going into detail is kinda jerkish. On the other other hand, I’m supposed to be a jerk. On the other other other hand …

Ah, screw it.

The Cartoon Network series Star Wars: The Clone Wars is set between Episodes 2 and 3 of the prequel movies. One of the major characters of the series is Ahsoka Tano, the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker, the eventual Darth Vader. Having been invented for this series (okay, for the Clone Wars movie, but whatever), Ahsoka does not appear in the Revenge of the Sith, which begs the question of what happened to her.

That (along with the Clone Wars series in general) is what this thread is about.

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Ooo, goodie, a Skald poll! He’s back, baby!

I’ve also wondered what becomes of Ahsoka (or, as a Washington Post TV critic once called her, the “Inappropriately Dressed Jedi Intern”) by the time Palpatine shows his hand and the Jedi have themselves a very, very bad day.

Best case scenario, she goes into hiding when she hears Anakin has become Vader, and survives. What sort of lifespan do her people have? Hell, she might outlive Vader. Worst case, she’s already been killed during the Clone Wars by the time of SW:ROTS, or is killed by her murderous clone troopers on some distant world when the order comes through, either of which would explain why we don’t see her in the movie.

I like the character. It might be better just to have her eventual fate remain unknown.

Guessing she dies, and it is part of pushing Anakin to insanity.

I can’t see her living long after Anakin becomes Darth. Two reasons: first, he’s too close to her; he wouldn’t be able to let that bit of his humanity live on. So he’d have to either order her death or do it himself. Second, she is too close to him. Not only would she never cease trying to either redeem him or kill him (he did kill all those padawans, for instance), it will never even occur to her to stop trying.

That said, I don’t want her killed by Vader. I like Ahsoka too (especially now that they’ve got rid of the ridiculous belly shirt), but for me the show’s real attraction is the Clone Troopers – particularly Rex, the best-developed character by far, CT or otherwise. I want to see how he reacts to Order 66, and I’d like that to be a flash-forward episode showing him getting ordered to off Ahsoka and trying to decide what to do.

(I don’t know what he’d do, by the bye.)

I really like her so I hope she survives. I like that she goes into hiding once Vader is made. She lives out a nice peaceful life always a bit sad that Anikan became Vader.

You guys have an answer. Watch the DVD of Revenge of the Sith and look to the deleted scenes. The question is definitively answered.

I will not inflict Revenge of the Sith on myself for any reason other than love or money.

I like her too, but somehow that is unsatisfying. The reason I’d not have her killed by Anakin is that he’s already had three moral event horizon crossing (killing the Sand People, killing the children, trying to kill Padme) and doesn’t need another.

Actually, that’s Shaak Ti, not Ahsoka. The death scene is not canon as Shaak is in the first Force Unleashed video game.

Do you think that the troopers have a choice with 66 (hence “decide”) or is it something hard-coded / pre-programmed into them? (Over which they may have no free will). 'Course that’s not to say that a 'hero" trooper like Rex might not try to fight the urge…

Hopefully, a horrible death. What an annoying character. Even the voice actress grates on me.

I think in the poll, under the “What WILL happen” options, should be “We never find out for sure what happened to her.”

I think she’ll see hints of Anakin’s turn, try to warn the Jedi Council, who will not pay attention, and she flees the apprenticeship to the far side of the galaxy.

How can Anakin have a Padawan after episode 2 yet not be a Jedi Master in Episode 3 RotS?

There are three ranks of Jedi: Padawan (completed basic training with a Jedi Master but not trusted to work on their own yet), Jedi Knight (completed the Trials, whatever those are, and able to Jed on their own), and Jedi Master (leader of the Order, sits on the Jedi Council). Padawans are normally assigned to Jedi Knights (like Qui-Gon in Ep I, Obi-Wan in Ep II, or Anakin in Ep III), not Jedi Masters, who have better things to do than deal with snot-nosed Padawans.

(Yes, Qui-Gon was not a Jedi Master. He probably ought to have been, as Obi-Wan tactlessly points out in Ep I, but he wasn’t.)

She has to die before A New Hope, or most of the Jedi stuff in the original trilogy becomes…well, not nonsensical or incoherent but rather Swiss-cheese-like.

What SHOULD happen - she lives through the end of the series, and is eventually tracked down and killed by Vader. She can’t be killed by some random clone after having the huge role she does in Clone Wars, and since the true tragedy of the story doesn’t really kick in until Revenge of the Sith, having her die off in Clone Wars won’t feel right, either. So, it pretty much has to be post-RotS Vader going after her.

What I suspect WILL happen - the Clone Wars writers won’t agree with me on that second point, and she’ll die saving Anakin’s life, thus making one more twist of the knife - not only did she die, she did so ensuring that the series’ Dragon would be created.

She’ll almost certainly die at the end of Clone Wars in some fashion that further drives Anakin towards the dark side.

Alternate plot twist that probably won’t happen: She joins up with the dark-side at the end of Clone Wars and her fall presages that of Anakin. Then spends the time between RotS and NH working with Vader until she’s killed by Yoda/Obi-Won/some other Jedi survivor.

Ooo, good. I like that.

You know something? Tengu’s idea is actually more merciful to Ahsoka than having her live longer and eventually be murdered by Anakin. Like others I don’t see a way for her to have survived till the time of “A New Hope”, and though she conceivably could defeat Vader after his loss of limbs, I can’t see her being psychologically able to.

I thought there were a lot of Masters, but only about a dozen with seats on the council, and then one Grand Master of the Council.

…I’m not even as much of a SW nerd as I used to be…but this is wrong.

Qui-Gon was a master… hence why he was called Master Qui-Gon. There are lots of Jedi Masters…that not what gets you on the council. Ki-Adi Mundi is a Knight and he’s on the council. You are confusing a line of Obi-Wan’s in Ep 1. Obi-wan says Qui-gon would be on the council if not for–(I think something like being stubbord). It has nothing to do with his rank.
Also Ahsoka should die while on a mission for the council that Anakin knows is too dangerous for her.