Stargate Universe, 1.10 "Justice", mid-season finale (open spoilers)

The last episode of 2009 airs tonight then SGU goes on hiatus 'till spring. Looks like we’ll see the fallout from Young’s last little field trip to Earth.

Yeah, I was wondering if the punch would have repercussions when I saw the title of this episode. I half thought it might be one of those things that happen at the end of an episode, but don’t seem to carry over into the next one…

Anyway, looking forward to the ep. I hope it’s a less Earth-based and more ‘we’re out in space with planets and gates and things’ kind of show, I like those more.

Well we were both wrong about that. My guess is that there won’t be any follow up for that for some time. At least this time they acknowledged and explained why they didn’t use the stones to bodyswap with specialists back home (& Camile did swap ofscreen). Tonight’s episode was very good. I never really though Rush would comit murder, but having him only cover up the suicide and frame Young was nice.

I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of him or if he will MacGuyver a way to catch up to them.

Hunh, the mechanics of the mystery seemed fairly predictable, but I was a bit surprised at the final outcome. Rush is one of the central, and more interesting, characters on the series, and it’s hard to believe that he’d be written out this early in Season One. Guess we’ll see.

Also a bit disappointed that there’s apparently going to be a lengthy gap until the sotry resumes.

Oh we’ll certainly be seeing Rush again. Why else would they abandon him on a planet with an alien ship? I think the question will be when. Probably show up at the season finale.

Rush will probably reprogram the planet’s stargate; most likely using what he finds in the spaceship.

Exactly. Don’t count Rush out. I wonder if Rush already knows and has memorized Destiny’s next 10 or 20 gate stops?

Young is an asshole for stranding Rush like that. Also stupid. If you’re going to kill someone, make sure they’re dead.

I don’t think I liked anybody this week, and some of the dialogue was just stupid. “There was a time I could be shot for looking at a white women.” Or whatever.

I thought it was funny that in this episode everyone was going on and on about how Young wouldn’t commit murder, even it was for the good of the entire crew. Then in the last 30 seconds he does exactly that. Or he thinks he does, we’ll see. I wish they would have given us even a little clue as to what happens to the guy who sat in the chair. Maybe he’ll become incredibly smart and act at the brains for a few episodes until Rush finds a way back.

Had to vote meh on this one. The last 15 minutes or so were ace but everything before that was just woeful.

I thought it was a real stretch to see an Air Force officer put his own personal feelings above his crew and the rest of the folks on the ship by leaving rush on the planet. Like him or not, Rush knows more about that ship than anyone else. Ooops.

Looking forward to the next stretch of reality when Rush will take an abandoned alien starship which will just happen to be spaceworthy and full of water and food, and then either team up with the “bad guys” or lay down some retribution on Young.

Yeah, I think the best part of this episode will be speculating how Rush is going to get back to Destiny. The alien spaceship just needing a kick start is too much, but it’s bound to have useful, adaptable tech inside.

Once Rush manages to activate and dial the stargate, that whole galaxy should be his playground, right?

Was it ever confirmed if the two scientists who took off on their own from the desert planet made it back to Destiny? Or are they still out there, holding a grudge and ready to team up with Rush?

And don’t forget that shuttle thingy that peeled of the main ship in the first expisode or two.

I’m just glad the asshole is not on the ship for at least the next episode. The character I wanted dead is now exiled. I hope the Keno diaries are done and the personal life of switched body people is done.

I believe the two scientists that went on their own are GONE.

It’s apparent to me that Eli has his suspicions about Young’s account of what happened to Rush on that planet. That look he gave Young as he was walking out of his quarters, with the order to put the footage on Young’s thumbdrive, and delete all other evidence was telling. I hope they make this Eli’s shedding of innocence and he starts becoming a bit more cynical.

Also, yeh, I’ll bet Rush either gets the stranded ship going, or the stargate. He’ll be back soon enough. Then Young will have to play his ace in the hole: The footage of Rush tampering with the evidence and framing him. Unless, Rush is too smart for that, and they both decide to keep Young leaving Rush for dead a secret… it’s a moral and ethical wash for the both of them, after all.

Why can’t they just all get along?!

Duh…Eli had a Keno on the planet and know everything that happened with Young and Rush

Agreed. I really liked Atlantis since it had much cooler tech and the characters were more lovable so I hope they take a similar road in the tech and adventures part (they’ve already stated the characters will not be similar to the other SGs). With this one, I really dislike Young and Rush, particularly after the end of that episode. Still, can’t believe they’d make Young do something so awful although it was a huge “They wouldn’t! They did! :O”

I’m lucky that in Robert Carlyle can do no wrong in my eyes. Makes things a lot easier.

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