Straight dopers, have you ever had a homosexual encounter?

In this thread there is a discussion about a woman that finds out her boyfriend had a previous homosexual encounter. The OP says this:

So is this true?

If you are a straight guy or girl, have you previously had a homosexual encounter?

Poll following.

Straight guy. One attempted sexual assault by a guy who assumed I was gay. Never had anything else like that happen, nor have I been the slightest bit interested.

I have not, and voted as such, but I’ve heard it plenty, too, just not so much in this country. I guess if you go to all male boarding schools or even just live in a society where you predominantly see males all the time and are not allowed to see females, it’s more possible.

This is a country where you hear of parents encouraging their kids past a certain age to date and go out with the opposite sex and stuff. That kind of stuff is still stunning to me. My parents never had any objection to me spending all kinds of hours with my girlfriends but with guy friends - never ever even five minutes, unsupervised. I had opportunities for all kinds of female-female relationships - but it didn’t happen at least partly because of the way we were brought up.

Now factor in the fact that often in these kinds of cultures females are not supposed to want to be sexually active and males are - us females may have some severe mental hangups instilled in us about sex, but the men probably have much less. But they can’t get to us females. But they are allowed to hang out with their guy friends all the time. I can absolutely see some guys being somewhat open-minded and experimenting.

Does having a bisexual male friend ask you if you want to go into the other room and knock a few points of your purity score count? I didn’t go into the other room.

I’m female and I voted yes, but in both cases they were rather minor events. Not like, full on naked time.

I saw The Wizard of Oz at the Castro Theater in San Francisco once, not sure if that counts.

Whether “a lot” of straight people have experimented depends on your definition of a lot. My memory is that self-reported sex survey have varying results, but I’m too lazy to search.

And sorry that “experimented” makes sex between people of the same gender sound like a medical trial.

As far as I’m concerned I haven’t, but I don’t know what would qualify for the OP. I had a threesome with another guy and a girl, but he and I only got physical with the girl, not with each other.

You had a sexual experience involving someone of the same sex. I would certainly have thought it qualified.

During a threesome, the other guy sucked my dick (Hey, there was nothing I could do about it! I had a woman on my face at the time!)

I had a stranger try to hug me once…Once!

Mostly straight female, not disinterested in girls but never had an opportunity. I’ve been invited to participate in a MFF threesome though, so my poll answer might be different in a week.

This poll could be depressing. I’m a gay male and I bet half the straight men on here have had more gay sex than I ever had :smiley:

But to reverse it, I’m a gay male and I’ve never even SEEN a naked woman.

And just to prove that for every thread there is a corresponding xkcd link

Same here, but I don’t think that qualifies as a homosexual encounter.

I encounter homosexuals on a daily basis, as I live in a gay mecca. (Well, it’s usually described as a lesbian or trans mecca, but the guys snuck in with them)

I’ve never done anything romantic with a guy, though. Despite what you may have heard if you asked my grandmother. Or my sister. Or my father . . .

Amusingly, though, the closest I came to getting laid in high school was another guy in the theater club coming on to me. I was completely oblivious, which is funny because he wasn’t being subtle, and it wasn’t like I was naive.

Didn’t realize it until YEARS later. This is a bit of a pattern with me. (The delayed realization of long-past flirtation, not the guys coming on to me)

I can relate. I think I have maybe three female friends who’ve had fewer women then I have.

Every woman I’ve ever kissed has had a more successful history with women then me, at least at the moment we were kissing. Though admittedly, that is not difficult.

Sources indicate I do not compare unfavorably, though sources are probably just being nice.

Like, at all? Or do you just mean “in person?”

I have encountered homosexuals, but have never had a homosexual encounter.

It’s never come up.

I’m a straight female, and have spent a fun night alone with a female friend. There was also some random groping at other times, along with a MMFF tryst that didn’t go very far.

Still waiting for Mr. Right.