Studliest Star Trek Male?

I’m a straight man, but I say Data was the studliest.

What about Wesley? He must have been a stud to bag Ashley Judd.

Avery Brooks in any role is automatically the studliest. Who was he, Sisko?

Picard second.

:confused: Data is Spock without the sex appeal!

:throws up:

Unfortunately, on first reading I mentally spoonerized those last two words into “He had a really big wad.”

Yeah, but when he blew, he really blew! :eek:

Indeed.Worf got his ass handed to him more than Nick Barkley.I vote for The Crosby girl

He was good enought for Yar. You know those sped-up shots of him fixing the ship? You have no idea what those hands could do.

I bet she rocked his world…


Oh, and Kirk by a mile.

OK, by that standard, it’s Kirk by a mile. Or a light-year, or a gigaparsec, or something. With how much they mangled distance calculations on that show, I’m not sure it matters. And BMalion, I’m pretty sure that Riker was the only one on that list getting any holodeck action, and he’s very properly not getting any votes here. I mean, he’s like Kirk, but with lower standards, and without the toughness.

The Borg.

I so misread the thread title. I thought it said Stupidest Star Trek Male. I thought, this’d be open slather!

oops. “studliest”. ahem.

My vote goes for Riker. I think I have a fascination with facial hair.
But I’m surprised no one’s gone for Odo yet.


I’d like to point out to all the ladies that Data is anatomically correct. Just in case that comes up. He also likes cats and classical music and he is unseducable. No matter how hard you try you can’t win him over. What a challenge.

Why no Lt. Barkley?


It wouldn’t do much good for him to be anatomically correct if it didn’t come up, at least sometimes.

And programmed in multiple techniques, if memory serves me correctly.*

  • Been watching too much Iron Chef.


But only on TNG, where they really did not do him justice. When he moved to DS9, he kicked major ass.

Tasha Yar was pretty studly, actually. Until she got slimed.

<looks at list>

<does not see Sarek, the sexiest male in and out of Star Trek>

<turns away in contempt>

Odo, OTOH . . . I mean, if his shape-shifting ability can’t even manage to reproduce hair . . .