stupid question about T.V. show "Titans"

I hate to admit it, but we here in the Nineiron house were fans of the short-lived “Titans” on NBC, finding it a good cheeseball replacement for “Melrose Place.” Mmmm, Yasmine. A couple of weeks ago, our local NBC affiliate didn’t show the episode, opting instead to show some Christmas special (I know there WAS an episode shown, just not in my area). The past two Mondays being holidays, they haven’t shown the show at all. So, the one I missed would have been on December 18, I believe, which would have been the most recent episode.

At any rate, to make a long story short, did anyone happen to see this episode? Feel like giving a recap for me? (I had asked a friend in another state to tape the episode for me, but he has since erased it…) Thanks.

Here ya go, the summary of the 12/18 episode:

Thanks! That is good, and very thorough, I might add.