Summer TV -- anything good coming?

Rescue Me starts a new season next week, but everything else I like is finished until fall (except for Deadwood). TNT is doing an anthology series based on Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

Other than that, is there anything new coming on that looks watchable? I haven’t been seeing any promos for new summer stuff.

The only thing I know of that’s likely to catch my attention is the All-Star version of Big Brother. I think we get to vote on the ones who will eventually participate.

Other than that, I’m hoping to get some ideas from you folks.

Season 3 of The 4400 starts June 11[sup]th[/sup] with a retrospective the week before so those who haven’t seen the series before can catch up.

Don’t know if I’d call it good, but we’re going to watch it anyway…they’re going to have Hell’s Kitchen on again. This time the teams are men against women.

The third (and apparently last) season of Deadwood starts on HBO June 11. I’m also looking forward to the Stephen King series, and I’m sure I’ll watch Big Brother again.

TNT’s The Closer will start showing new episodes on June 12th. My husband dislikes this show intensely, but I’ll be watching. We don’t have to do everything together.

Here is a useful grid that shows the summer schedule.

:smack: Keep mentioning that. Maybe I’ll remember it eventually.

I’m totally jonesing for the start of Treasure Hunters. Hopefully, it won’t be awful. But I’ll watch it anyway.

I’ve been sitting on pins and needles hoping and praying that 1) Hell’s Kitchen was renewed, and 2) when it’d start.

Just checked pinkfreud’s link – YAY!!!

:confused: “Monk” is supposed to be a comedy?

Monk is pretty much a comedy, IMO. A danged good mix of detective story, drama and comedy.

BTW, The Dead Zone is coming back on USA next month! Huzzah!

Not exactly summer TV, but you might like NBC’s Heroes this fall

Last Comic Standing returns on Tuesday May 30th at 8pm EST then moves to Tuesdays at 9pm. Hopefully we’ll see the finale this time :smiley:

I enjoyed So You Think You Can Faceplant (dance)… Wow. Just wow. That premiere had it all.

I’m looking forward to So You Think You Can Dance, The 4400, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, Psych, and Monk.

Well, like JThunder said, yeah. What would you call it?

There’s that new show, Saved starting up. I plan to check it out.

It has comedic elements, sure, but it’s not a comedy like, say, “Barney Miller”.

That’s right. It’s not a comedy like Barney Miller. Monk is its own type of comedy.

You didn’t answer my question. What would you call it? Do you consider it to be a drama?