Supernatural 1/15

Meh. It would have been creepier if I hadn’t seen basically the same plot in Black Christmas. All the same, good acting. The family’s daughter was memorable. And I will go to support Ackles in Bloody Valentine.

I am convinced that Kripke loves incest. Or maybe he just knows his audience.

I’ll also give it an enthusiastic “meh”. The best stuff was the set design - Dean climbing behind walls in into holes in the floor was clostrophobic enough to be scary. Also the doll’s head. And the “humans can lick too” omage. But the supporting characters were boring, the dialogue unmemorable, and the final scene was basically a retread of the end of “Heven and Hell.”

Did anyone else cheer when Uncle Ted took a knife to the throat?

I’m going to “MBV3D” tonight. I plan to have a good time getting drunk and throwing popcorn at Jensen Ackles.

Kind of a “meh”. The “humans are scarier than anything in the supernatural” is kind of old hat, and goes against the basic idea of Supernatural.

Also, I kept thinking “where did the wall dwellers learn to write”? I’ll take plot holes when we’re talking about horny angels and demons, but in something that’s supposed to be like real life, it oughta be tighter.

I thought the main story was reasonably creepy, but they really need to figure out a different way to deal with Dean’s Hell-angst. I am SO DONE with the tearful conversations on the Impala’s hood. It’s lazy-ass writing.

That was my thought, too, last night. Along with where did they learn to speak, because all they did was scream and yell whenever they were on screen. But the son was able to talk to the girl. Plus, how would they know to look in the trunk?

I dunno. Maybe grand~dad gave them a TV.

Yes, definitely one of Supernatural’s weaker episodes. It was a cheesy horror movie that was only saved by the fact that it had Dean and Sam in it.

At the end of next week’s episode, Dean will reveal that not only did he enjoy torturing souls in hell, he got to pick which ones. He passed on nuns in order to go for babies and puppies. And he liked it.

Definitely in need of a comic relief episode, which is what I initially expected this one to be. I mean, Helen Slater was in it! How could they not do a Super Girl joke?

And then he and Sam can sit on the Imala’s hood and cry! While parked on an overpass!

Not only shouldn’t the crazy siblings be able to write or speak, but the son talked to the girl then nonchalantly comes down the stairs like the girl in the wall is nothing unusual.

Was this a writer’s strike episode? It kinda felt like the writers bailed about five minutes into the show, and the rest was bad acting or overacting.

I haven’t seen that movie, but I thought that incest plot aside, it bore more than a passing resemblence to The Messengers particularly with the daughter claiming the lack of phone service was her parents trying to ruin her life.

Rube E. Tewesday, I had the same thought. “Well, he did keep them from the rest of the world and abuse them, but at least he taught them to read and write.”:smiley:

Was this the first episode of Supernatural to not actually have any supernatural elements in it? Discounting Dean’s discussion of hell, of course.

There was an earlier episode (in the first season, I think) about a family of cannibals.

“Ripped from an Austrian headline”

Best line of the ep.

Yep, The Benders, in the first season. Crazy cannibal hillbillies who abducted people, then did the Most Dangerous Game thing with them.

Oh yeah, that one was weird.

Not as scary as the X-files Home, though. That one has left me disturbed forever.