Supernatural 10/16

No thread on this? I’m surprised.

I thought it was a hilarious episode. The shot of “Dracula” riding away on his motor scooter was perfect.

Dean: “I’ve been re-hymenated.”

The whole black and white thing worked great as well.

Just watched it this afternoon. I think I’m gonna buy this season on DVD – I’m liking it much better than S2. It was fun. Not deep, or particularly scary, but it was fun. And the boys look just as fine in black and white.

What do you make of the name of the town – Canonsburg? The only canonical comment I caught was that werewolves don’t have wolf hair.

I don’t get why they figured the shapeshifter wasn’t Weaver, because Weaver still had his ear. Shapeshifters can grow new ears, and Dracula had a new ear.

It was because Sam tugged on Weaver’s ear. If he were the shapeshifter, it would have come off again.

I really liked this episode, too. They seem to do one of these meta episodes at least once per season, and I would have thought that I’d have gotten tired of it by now, but I haven’t. Of course, every episode this season so far has been at the least very good - they’re obviously on a roll.

(“Re-hymanated.” Hee!)

Forgot to add: with a show that so often earns its Women In Refrigerators reputation, it was nice to see the woman-of-the-week be the one to kill the monster.

Ahh. Thanks.

My other question is how Sam knew where to find the shapeshifter’s place. I twigged to how Sam figured out it was Lucy (they made that one easy enough even for me), but not how he found them.

“I have a coupon.” Dean’s beer mustache. Re-hymenated! (I was disappointed Sam didn’t catch that one–for all the ‘girl’ jokes Dean’s made about him in the past…)

And the black-and-white motif, with the opening credits, was perfectly done. This was the best Halloween treat ever. :smiley:

It usually works, though I hated the “Ghost Hunters” episode they did last year, which was their first one back from the strike.

This is the best season of Supernatural, yet, by the way. I hope it gets a Season 5.

And also “Oo! Big Pretzel!”

What was up with the lipstick thing, though. Do shapeshifters not know how to apply it?

Apart from my usual enjoyment, seeing that they not only added goofy credits and turned the video to b&w, I noticed that they used a lot of mis-en-scene stuff I recognize from movies during the studio era. One of the best was the establishing shot from the 2nd floor when the guys walked into the bar.
It would have been perfect, had the interior shots in the WinchesterMobile had crappy backprojection of the landscape. Also, slight echoes from shooting an outdoor scene on a soundtage would’ve been nice.

Liked this one a lot, though by the end, I was really, REALLY ready for Dracula to die. I’m not sure if the writers wanted us to pity him or what, but I was not moved by his whinning.

Any episode that ties up Dean is good with me.

I wish, though, that they’d done something with the “re-hymenated” thing. Dean deciding he needs to re-lose his virginity sounds like a great joke set up, and then it just got dropped, save for a vague comment at the end.

Opening credits - Pensylvania - “the radio sucks around here.” Best. Opening. Ever.

You’re right, and it would have been easy! They could have just pulled out the moving background they used in season 1.

Just a plot device; a macguffin, even. If she didn’t do the lipstick thing, Sam wouldn’t have been left a convenient clue as to who the baddie was.

I believe that was actually “Ghost Facers.” Which, for some reason, my husband and I think is a hilarious name. :smiley:

Did y’all catch when the lightning flashed on the sign at the beginning, and it flashed from “Pennsylvania” to “Transylvania?” Dean in lederhosen - was there actually a reason for that, or just a sight gag? I like the way Sam and Dean always have time in the middle of stopping murders and mayhem to mock each other.

I was wondering if it had been shot in a small town in the Rockies - there are any number of them in BC that are very Bavarian (Kimberley comes to mind), but I think it was just shot on a soundstage.

Who was the blonde? Looked familar.

Melinda Sward.

I know they were trying to make it easy for the audience, but her name was Lucy, so he should have used that as his clue. I mean, they went to all that trouble to include it, so I wish that would have been the “Oh, duh” moment.

I know - my ears pricked up as soon as I heard “Lucy,” too.

*Ghost… Ghost *FAAAACERS!!!

My daughter loved the Ghost Facers episode. I was sort of meh about it.

Loved this though. I enjoy the occasional ‘how many gags can we fit into 43 minutes’ episodes, and this one was exceptionally well done. Also, while I love the mytharc episodes, (and on a more shallow note, more Castiel, please!), I’m glad to see a couple of monster-of-the-week eps. Stay true to your roots, boys!

Small Hen, the last shapeshifter episode had a somewhat “sucks to be born that way, but that doesn’t make the vicious murders okay, so we’re gonna kill you now, our condolences” sympathetic tone as well, kind of like last week’s rugaru episode.

I’m probably missing something obvious but I don’t get it?

I assumed Lucy was in reference to Mina’s friend in Dracula who ends up being turned.

No, no, you’re right–it’s just that Sam was the one who recognized the Mina/Harker reference, so he should’ve twigged to Lucy sooner.

As it is, the lipstick thing really makes no sense. Does Dracula mess up his makeup whenever he changes and has to reapply it? Is he (ew ew ew) shedding? Some sort of allergy?

Ahh I was thinking I must’ve missed a second reference to Lucille Ball or something :smack: why yes I’m an idjit at times.

I’m thinking that he has to re-apply the makeup every time he changes, and that combined with him not normally being in a female form means that he keeps over applying the lipstick.