Supernatural April 22 2010 "Hammer of the Gods"

Good episode.

Spoilers in the next post.

Bye, trickster/gabriel/loki, we loved you when you appeared.

I just wish they hadn’t shown him in the “previously on”. His entrance would have been cooler if I didn’t expect it.

What was the point of Pestilence showing up at the end? I half expected Dean and Sam to show up, chop his finger, and go on to taking on Death. It’s like they were a minute short.

Still, a very good episode.

“Don’t mock my world turtle!” :slight_smile:

Gaaaaabbrriiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeellllllllll! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…

Seriously. Since I started watching this show, the name of Richard Speight Jr in the credits meant a quality episode. His death = fail!

Okay, I know, it’s Supernatural, which means he’ll probably be back again before the end of the show. Still…

Otherwise, I liked this episode. “Don’t mock my world turtle.” Indeed.

Well, I guess I was partially right…Gabriel did end up standing up to one of his brothers, but I really expected him to have a more key role in the final confrontation. Still, since he IS the Trickster there’s always hope that he managed to pull one over on Lucifer, but that wing burnout seems to be a sure sign that Gabe really bit it. Of course, maybe Michael or God could bring him back, too. I get why they had to do things this way, though; you have to show Lucifer as being totally ruthless and unstoppable, willing to kill his little brother with little hesitation.

Fun seeing the avatars of the different gods…speaking of avatars, nice little bit where Gabriel tells Kali they should ditch Earth and go check out Pandora…hehe.

Now I kinda want the actor playing Odin to co-star in an adaptation of American Gods

Lucifer just curb stomped all those gods.

Trashcan Man as Pestilence :slight_smile:

Dear Eric Kripke,

I had a horrible day. *Horrible. *Had it not been Thursday, I’d have chugged a fifth of vodka and embraced 12 hours of oblivion. But no. I stayed up, eager to lose myself in a new episode of Supernatural. And then you KILLED GABRIEL and made me gag at gallons of flying snot.

Now, everyone else assures me that this was actually an excellent episode, so I promise to revisit it when I’m not in such a foul mood. But for now… don’t look at me Kripke, we’re fighting.


P.S. A two-eyed Odin? Seriously?

Hehheh! I was going to say something about that, but I figured either modern Odin has a glass eye or was using a meat suit of his own. Kind of odd to see Odin sitting there while Baldur seemed to be running the meeting, though…

Heh… I said the exact same thing.

Okay, here is my prediction of how the season plays out (I am not spoilered, these are my theories only):

The boys are able to collect the remaining rings with the assistance of the YED/Crowley. They lure Lucifer to the trap, but are unable to get him inside. Something Horrible happens to Dean, probably related to something angelic, making Sam uber-angry, and Sam agrees to become Lucifer’s vessel to exact revenge. At the last minute, though, he does a Buffy Summers swan dive into the trap, ending the Apocalypse.

I loved the world turtle line, and also the ‘Luci, I’m home…’

Who was Pestilence? I was so grossed out by the slime that I was watching between my fingers, but I thought he looked familiar, especially when he smiled on the way out of the store.

Yeah, not gonna happen since there will be a season six.

There was a season six of Buffy, too.:dubious:

Hahaha, I’m like the only person in the world who is happy they killed Gabriel. Now, I liked the Trickster in and of himself, but purely for fannish reasons, it makes me glee because it might do something to halt the incredibly stupid* and inexplicably popular Sam/Gabriel ship.

In non-fannish news, I’m kind of meh on the episode. Kali was badass, though, I liked her. I felt like the porny letter to Sam and Dean was just too…obvious. There was no subtlety to it. It was like “HERE’S THE PLOT FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON! HI!”

Pestilence was Matt Frewer, bobkitty! AWESOME.

*My opinion is correct; other opinions are invalid.

Being dead on this show doesn’t even keep you off of this show, I can’t imagine how it would keep you from gettin’ busy in fanfic.

The Kali thing bugged me. They saved her and… did what with her?

Bought her a ticket to Nevernever land?

They killed off Dean and kept going. My theories don’t preclude a season six, just means that they’d have to come up with yet another deus ex. :wink:

Thanks muchly, Kyla- I thought I’d recognized him! Can’t wait to see how his character plays out; hopefully they do well by him, as he’s such a fun actor.

I assumed they sent Kali back to where ever she’d been hanging out prior to the conclave. I don’t think Lucifer would’ve gone after her once she was out of his way- it seemed he was taking out the gods because they were all in one place going after him, but he probably has a lot of other things to focus on right now.

I liked seeing Gabriel again. And the world turtle line. And the idea of other ‘Gods’.

I didn’t really get why they retconned the whole Loki thing to fit him into the Judeo-Christian mythos, only to have it turn out that there really was a Norse mythos after all.

And I didn’t really get how the various Gods really believe in different histories / creation stories / models of the physical world.

We didn’t see enough of the gods to know what they believed. The one guy’s turtle comment – could be he was just pissed at his mythology being ridiculed.

They didn’t retcon Loki- Loki existed the same way Odin and Baldur did, until Gabriel took over his ‘avatar’ under the (another great line) witness protection program.

My question was, Gabriel was protecting Kali because they had a thing. But did they have a thing when he was just Loki, or Gabriel-as-Loki? Because she was the only one who identified him as Gabriel, but he was actually surprised that she did. That was the head-scratcher.

My interpretation was that he was ALWAYS Gabriel-as-Loki, that Loki only existed as an avatar of Gabriel, and that although he thought he’d pulled one over on Kali, she was on to him. He’d underestimated her.

My question is: is Neil Gaiman getting royalties for them completely ripping off American Gods?

This was to be the final season, so the killing off of Gabriel was not unexpected. Still waiting for God and Michael to appear. Three more episodes, Then one last season, probably.