Survivor: 12-12-12

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I said earlier that Denise is a stud. Now I have to say that she’s a saint. I’d like to think I was mature enough to handle myself the way she did when left alone with Abi, but I doubt I could.

And Malcolm finally proves himself. JFC, dude, you’re half the age of Skupin, you should be able to run circles around him.

How did Malcolm “prove himself” this ep? Prove himself capable of falling off a makeshift bridge?

Anyway, I wasn’t buying all the stuff about getting rid of Denise, from any quarter. Even from Malcolm on the reward trip. I basically thought Malcolm’s minions would do what he wanted, and I wasn’t buying that he wanted Denise to go. And I damned sure wasn’t buying that Lisa, Skupin and Abi would “make a big move” of any sort, ever. Not them. I can believe that maaybe the idea was ballooned around camp, but that Abi was annoying and NEVER F***ING SHUTS UP, and that that shut down any possible deal and sealed her fate. Perhaps that’s what we saw tonight.

I have to wonder if the decision to vote Abi was made prior to her calling Skupin an idiot and moron at tc. I know editing content for audience intrigue and pseudo-suspense is the goal, but even Abi can’t be dumb enough to blow her chances of staying by name calling.

Hey, she’s just an honest Latina. If that makes you uncomfortable, too bad for you. Of course, if you point out that she says mean things to others, you’re a terrible person.

Can I just say that I’m really getting sick of Lisa talking about a big move, agonizing over the moral implications of said move and then not making a big move.

I don’t get why Abi went off on Skupin , I couldn’t figure that out, is it because she wanted to crash and burn?

The endless record from Ponderosa:

RC hates Abi, Abi thinks she was just ‘playing the game’. She was trying to apologize a couple times. And while I understand that those people made RCs life horrible during the game, the game is over, and I expect cooler heads to prevail by the time the reunion show comes around.I was convinced that Denise would be the one to go, but when Malcolm didn’t play the HII on her I knew she’d be ok. He’d have to be blind to not see it coming, unless there was a larger picture we weren’t seeing. Editing!

I’ve always wondered when they did 3-person FTC, how would they handle a tie? Would they remove the bottom vote getter and revote? In 25 seasons they’ve had a 3-person FTC 10 times and in 9 of them only 2 people got votes, so maybe they just keep hoping it won’t happen.

Yay, no more Abi! Till she gets too much time in the reunion show, of course.

Who did Penner show the finger to? Abi?

Im not sure Lisa and Skupin made the correct decision voting out ABI.
Malcolm and Denise are in a strong alliance and I dont understand how they havent seen it yet.
And especially for Lisa she has absolutely no chance of winning immunity and Skupin chances are somewhat better.
Obviously theres alot that we dont see but I dont get it how Malcom or Denise are still around??

Oh, Jeff has already indicated that Abi is in line for any future “Villains” team, and I admit she’s perfect for that.

Lisa might have a chance at immunity. Isn’t it about time for the immunity challenge of “Stand On This Skinny Pole For As Long As You Can”?

No, he proved it my winning the challenge. What else matters?

Sally Mander]
Lisa might have a chance at immunity. Isn’t it about time for the immunity challenge of “Stand On This Skinny Pole For As Long As You Can”?

If it’s a female-advantage challenge, she won’t stand a chance against Denise. No pun intended.

I’m pretty sure it was Abi that Penner was giving the finger to but he was gracious and very tactful when she arrived at Ponderosa.
As for Abi and RC I found it hilarious, Ponderosa video description [spoiler]RC was acting exactly the way Abi did during the game, first ignoring her when she arrived, and then later refusing to talk to her.

Part of the reason for the second half of that was the converation that happend a short time after the initial greetings

RC: Pete just ran away because he didn’t want to be the one to tell you he put the clue in my bag
Abi: Oh
RC: So I didn’t betray you, you betrayed me by telling someone else about the clue. He was the one who did it.
Abi: Okay okay
RC: And he did it to turn each other against each other
Abi: Yeah
Abi then turns to Carter to ask how he’s doing
RC breaks in again with: No apology?
Abi: I’m sorry RC, I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings and I mean it.
RC: You didn’t hurt my feelings you did not listen to me and would not let me explain myself which is why we are all sitting here.

So in conclusion my evaluation is - weakest and most insincere apology ever plus most butthurt can’t get over it contestant ever. Awesome combination!

I don’t think Lisa not voting for Abi was an indication that she’s not playing the game, I think that she and Skupin are aware that they aren’t winning an imunity in the final 4 and that Abi wouldn’t either. They think that they can keep either Denise or Malcolm and still do something in the final 3 but they’re insane. It will be one or the other of them in the final three, I think both Denise and Malcolm don’t want to go up against one another in the voting but whichever of them makes it through the first half of the episode wins the million. I can’t imagine the voting going any other way.

but Lisa and Skupins only chance for either of them to win (in my opinion) is to have voted off Denise and try to keep Malcolm from winning immunity so they could vote him off. I don’t think they WOULD have beat him for immunity but it is possibleif it is one of those that benefits smaller framed people

The contestants are acting like it’ll end at a Final 3, I’m still convinced it’ll be a Final 2.

Anyways… not much to this episode except Malcolm looking like he’ll be happy to vote out Denise at the group of 4 vote. I think they all felt Abi was just too damn annoying and had to go.

I really hope not. She’s not really a great villain, she’s just really, really dumb and has no idea how to read people.

Yeah, it was stupid not to vote off Denise. Abi is irritating, but Denise can win!

I’d kind of like to see an entire season of returning annonying idiots like Abi and Phil. Just a whole island of idiots being idiots, but one of them will win the million dollars.

I agree that Malcolm probably was never serious about getting rid of Denise, or if he was he backed off of it quickly. He has to be smart enough to know that if Denise went, he would be the next target. In retrospect, the fact that he chose not to protect her with his HII tells me he was confident that Skupin and Lisa were both on board with voting Abi.

Though I did buy into the editing a bit and wasn’t entirely sure which way the vote would go until Jeff pulled out the second Abi vote.

Malcolm did the right thing; the others needed to get Denise out to have the slightest prayer of winning the million and once again passed on the Big Move[sup]TM[/sup].

If I were Denise, when the others returned from their joyride, Abi would be missing and there might be a fresh pile of dirt way out in the woods.

I dunno about you guys, but I’m getting a kind of Colby/Tina vibe from Malcolm, despite his claims to be playing to win.*

If it is indeed a final two instead of three, I can see Malcolm (if he wins the last immunity) choosing to go to the vote with Denise, and losing because of that. But he seems like a genuinely nice guy, is still young, and seems to be enjoying the experience above all. He’d also be a shoo-in as a fan favorite returnee, along with winning whatever the monetary reward is for fan favorite voting (are they still doing that?)

[sub]Colby was the winner of the final immunity in season 2 (Australia) when they were still doing a Final Two, and had the option of taking either Keith (whom everybody disliked) or Tina (whom everybody liked). Had he voted off Tina and sat next to Keith, he would have won easily, but he voted off Keith instead and lost the final vote to Tina — which seemed to be what he wanted.[/sub]