Survivor All Stars 2/12

What’s the shocking event that happens in the last 15 minutes of the show ?

Will Rich get eaten by a shark ?

Who do you think is going home ?

For the love of God, don’t read this spoiler if you want to be surprised.

If rumor holds true, news reaches the island of castaway Jenna Morasca’s mother’s death. Based on this upsetting news, Jenna decides to leave the game. Jenna is voted out ceremoniously, much like castaway Michael Skupin was back in Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Shocking … hmm … maybe Richard puts his clothes on? The last 15 minutes are always Tribal Council, so maybe there’s some sort of neat-o vote switchup … or, even better, a knock-down drag-out fight amongst the torches? (Hey, I can hope, can’t I? :slight_smile: )

And as for Richard getting eaten by a shark … I’m going to hell for this, but I’d really like to see that. I think sharks can smell smarmy in the water from miles away.

And without knowing what the shocking event is, I can’t even begin to guess who’s going home … but with my luck, it will be one of the people I have money on. sigh My friends and I picked names out of a hat before the first episode, $5 a name. I already lost $10 on Tina and Rudy. If my losing streak continues, Jerri, Lex, or Boston Rob is going home tonight. :frowning:

Yeah, Richard keeps his clothes on, that’d be shocking. :stuck_out_tongue:
I doubt he gets eaten… sharks don’t eat their own kind, right? They’re not cannibals, are they?

I’m guessing the “Final 15 Minutes” thing is probably not quite as shocking as they would have us think. Haven’t they done that before?
“Don’t miss the first five minutes!”
“A Tribal Council you won’t believe!”
And it’s not quite the shocker the ads play it up to be.

I just hope the one tribe (is it Sabogo? The one that’s already lost Tina and Rudy.) doesn’t lose again. They need to start evening things up a little. One of the other teams needs to knock off a member.

You told me not to read it. Why, why, why did I read it anyway? bangs head against desk Pretty black boxes …

stands up Hello, my name is Drae, and I’m a spoiler whore.


Draelin, honey, take a deep breath and avert your eyes…

Actually, Jenna will only be told her mother’s health has taken a turn for the worse. She will be leaving, but she was in fact at home when her mother actually passed away.

Ack! Spoilers aren’t spoilerized in email notices!
My eyes! My eyes!

Avoided the spoilers just to say I hope a new team finally heads to TC for once, and that I am predicting at least one good insult from Boston Rob who has been on his A game. Oh, and Alicia says something stupid. Sue continues to work her lazy and annoying strategy as well. Fun fun!


Wow. Just wow. Even my mean old MeanJoe heart got tugged with the final message there at the end.

Episode Favorites:

Richard gets bit by and bites a shark. Good lord that was funny.
Rupert pretty much sealed his fate whenever the next TC comes up.


I wish that shark had been bigger.

I had heard that Jenna left the show because her mother had actually passed away. When we got down to the IC and Jenna announced that she just wanted to bow out based on her mother’s illness (which has been chronic and ongoing for years), I was pissed that she was leaving…IMO, if she felt that strongly about it, she shouldn’t have agreed to do the show and should have just let someone else have the chance. Then the notice popped up at the end of the show saying her mother died 8 days after she got home. I guess her vibe was right after all. :frowning:

Survivor is now over on EST. Unhidden spoilers follow!!

To quote MeanJoe… Wow. What an ending. Just wow.

I’m amazed at how stupid Rupert was with his hole in the ground. That’s just pure pigheadness and a lack of common sense.

I’ve always thought that Richard was a cool dude, but I know now he’s the ultimate survivor. What a way to “bring home the bacon”! I loved the bitemarks on the shark, however I wonder if he may have put those there after the fight. He’s sneaky enough…

Richard is lucky that thing bit his arm and not his…uh, well, he’s lucky, is all.

Richard’s fight with the shark was even funnier to me because of this news from yesterday.

Who knew sharks got PMS :eek:

Some idiot in my family turned off the TV literally with 15 minutes left. We had yet to see what the immunity challenge was. Would someone mind giving a play by play (what the challenge was, who won, who fucked up, what the talk was and then of course the dramatic ending). Thanks and much appreciated. Curse the TV turner-offer!

I should probably have said we were taping it so that we could watch The Apprentice.

Yes. Much, much bigger!

KC: Read to spoiler if you want to know.

No IC, no TC. Jenna bowed out fearing her Mom would pass away before the game was over. Turns out she died 8 days after Jenna returned home.

I know this is going to make me wildly unpopular, but…

If Jenna Morasca had concerns about her mother’s health prior to her trip to Panama (and EVERY indication shows she did) she had no business being there. She took a slot away from someone that might have competed and won the game. I’m very disappointed with how it went down. Obviously, she had a (correct) feeling that something bad was going to happen, and it’s great that she got to see her mother before she passed…but she deprived another contestant of the chance to play for selfish reasons, and because of that, I put her in the same boat as Osten from *Survivor: Pearl Islands.


Jenna showed beyond a doubt in her original Survivor show that she is a spoiled little bitch. I agree 100% with you that she should never have come on All Stars, knowing her mother is sick. But spoiled brats don’t think like that. I do, however, put Osten a few rungs lower in the ladder than Jenna. He dropped out becuse he was a pussy. It’s somewhat ironic putting this in a “spoiler” box, considering it’s about someone who is spoiled. :slight_smile: