Survivor: Amazon (mild spoilers)

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“The new Survivor pits men against women in a battle of the sexes.” Dear God- nothing but puzzle challenges and jungle trivia. Sigh. . .

This must be the “big change” that the CBS commercials were touting.

Survivor contestants to be revealed later today. I will post a link when I see it up.

Not really a spoiler, but more of a preview.

Swimsuit model?


Swimsuit model, sure, but the gym teacher was hotter! What kind of Bizzaro World has Mark Burnett created in the jungle?

WTF is a “children’s adventure guide”? I think the gym teacher and the guidance counselor are pretty hot.

Wasn’t that a spoiler prediction form last time?

More on how the tribes are split this time.


That was a bit of Burnett misdirection. The preview commercials for the last season of Survivor had a clip of Probst saying something like “Guys on side, girls on the other” while the voiceover promised a “shocking twist” or words to that effect.

Everyone assumed that it meant the teams would be split by sex, and in the first episode, the Survivors were split by sex when they first hit the beach. But it turned out that the big twist was just that the two oldest players got to pick their tribemates (alternating between male & females if IIRC).

About the big twist:

Yes, it was confirmed on The Early Show that the teams are split by gender this time. I think it will be good. I can see the women coming together and being rather cohesive, and the men trying to out-macho each other.

One of the guys is from Ellicott City, not too far from me. I guess I’ll root for him, at least until he turns out to be a total jerk.

Christy, the Children’s Adventure Guide, is hearing impaired, and got no special help. I wonder how that will play out. I assume she’s not totally deaf. Could be a real hinderance when the others start whispering about who to kick off.
I’d like to see her go far.