Survivor Amazon

CBS has distributed DVDs to Saturn dealerships nationwide. Survivor Amazon: Inside The Tribe. They are already skewing our opnions of the contestants with their selective editing. There are already some people I don’t like.

Butch: middle school principal. Comes off as a total ass.
Jenna: swim suit model. Nice body so/so face, vain, seems bitchy.
Daniel: accountant. Came right out and told us he will lie and manipulate. Nice, muscley body, basicly a snake.
Mathew: resturant designer. Cocky said about 6 times “you may as well write my name on the check, I’ve already won this.”

Jeff said there were some people who were manipulatave and they immediately cut to Matthew, and his I’ve already won, blah, blah, blah… so I don’t think he’ll be around long.

And some I do like. Roger, Janet, and Heidi, all seem like nice likable people. Roger really seems like a Hunter type. Seems strong and smart. I hope he does better than Hunter. My predictions for first voted off is Butch for Tambaqui (all men) and Jenna for Jaburu (all women). In a direct about face from any thing I’ve ever seen on Survivor, the contestants were allowed to say they’ve watched the other seasons episodes, Roger says he hasn’t liked the other older contestans from the past shows except Rudy. They even seemed to give a slight wink to DavidB, and the ten rules to winning the game were referenced at one point. It seems as if all of the interviews on the DVD were being conducted after they were already in the Amazon as it didn’t seem to surprise them that they were split on gender lines, and one girl, Heidi, I think mentioned that it was troubling to her that they wouldn’t be able to swim in the water as she thought she was going to be on an island, and not a rainforest.

So has anyone else seen the DVD? Any thoughts from those of you who have?

How does one get a copy of this DVD? Can you just go into a Saturn dealer and ask for one?

Yeah, as soon as I parked my car, the salesmen swarmed but, I just asked for the disc, they let me have one and I was on my way.

Bump - and some good additional info for Survivor fans!!

At least we get a Deaf person this time. I hope she makes lots of dirty signs… more articles on her at:

Personally, I’m waiting for Survivor

Can 16 people survive together for 1 month, stranded in a virtual online bookstore?

damn, I don’t have a dvd player. Guess I’m doomed to wait for the show.

Yes, I do enjoy watching survivor. I really like watching the scenery… You know, learning a bit about where they are and the culture … that kinda stuff. I end up involved with the people but I start out for the culture. :smack:

I can’t imagine how this Deaf lady is gonna read lips when doing games. That should be real interesting.

cadolphin said:

Lucky for you, we have other people who have watched it and recapped it for us.

I have been in the Amazon basin, and I can tell you that this “Survivor” is totally phoney!
-the women did not build a shelter (with and internal smokey fire (to keep the mosquitos at bay)-they would have all been COVERED with insect bites by morning!
-they passed two days without eating naything but “farofa” meal (this stuff is basically sawdust); they all would have been starving -I’m sure that a sandwich was available off-camera
-the fools chose to camp under the trees…when a nice, clean, sandy river bank was available-why??
-the men immediately votedout the pretty-boy model (Ryan); I’m sure that was pre-arranged
The forest floor is ALIVE with spiders (some of them very poisonous), centipedes, ticks and other biting bugs…there is NO WAY that these women actually slept out…I’m sure that they all repaired to mosquito-netted cots for the night.
I’ll belive this farce when a few of them come down with dengue fever, or some othe tropical disease. YOU NEVER SLEEP out in the Amazon, without a mosquito net!

ralph, you believe they actually slept?

There are a lot of things that happen on Survivor that aren’t shown. However, I highly believe that outside intervention is not one of them. Once contact with the producers/first aid/etc. is made, that person is pulled from the site (see Survivor: Outback).

Of course it was. They had most of a whole day to deliberate. The vote was 4-3-1.

Yes MUNCH 9or is it Edvard?) I don’t think much of this show…besides the fact that the women didn’t have the insect bites, I have fished in the Amazon, and what you usually do is bait your hookswith insects (like caterpillers or small tree frogs). They should have had no trouble landing some decnt-sized fish…unless this site was just around the bend from a town!
My guess: the camps are a few milesupriver from the Amazon “Jungle Lodge”-which has nice rooms and an excellent restarant-for about $125.00/night. They probably film the hens having their bitchfest, and the guys getting pissy about the lack of sex…then, as soon as it gets to 5 PM, they all take the boat to the Jungle lodge forhot showers and cold beers!
Humbug I say!

ralph, other seasons of Survivor have ended with the contestants covered in scabs, bug bites, bug infestations, hair loss, severe dehydration, 1st degree burns, viruses and other maladies.

Regarding the food situation, you should know that the contestants are given vitamin supplements, which they rarely, if ever, mention. I’m not sure if they’re in the contest long enough to develop something like scurvy, but the supplements are aimed to prevent things like that.

This has to be the least appealing group they’ve ever cast. I’m ashamed to share a species with any of them. Including Jeff.

I’m rooting for the piranhas this time.

I’ve only watched the first two Survivor series, but my memory of past immunity challenges tells me that there generally isn’t a lot of critical conversation going on during the race/test of endurance/etc. Certainly she will need to lip-read Jeff Probst before the Immunity Challenge begins, but I don’t think that needing to lip-read during the actual Challenge event itself is going to be all that critical.

Okay, I hated their reaction to the Deaf* woman. I’ve encountered the same thing so many times before. You tell someone this, and all of a sudden they become guarded and extremely polite–but leave you out of important things; exactly what happened to her. I hope she brought a lot of batteries as her luxury item.

What I would have done is kept it from everybody and then revealed it at the end (when I’d won, bwaha). Everyone would be shocked and learn a lesson, etc etc etc. Very cool.

Otherwise, none of the women really stood out for me. Boring. The guys were only a smidgen less so.

*I’m not sure if she’s a part of the Deaf community–it didn’t seem so, but that was just my impression. If so, it should be “Deaf”; if not, “deaf”.

The men are going to win every physical challenge. It’s going to be as easy as falling off a log.

Oh wait.

Those two idiots fell off the log three times last night and LOST the challenge!

I’m for the girls on this one. I’m too embarrassed to root for those knuckleheads.

Your speculations about a lodge are just plain wrong. No question. We don’t see everything that goes on, and it may not be as hard as they make it out to be (for instance, they have people keeping tabs on any large animals and so forth), but the exposure and the hunger are real. If they were faking something that basic, someone would have spilled it by now.

I do know (from interviews of previous contestants) that they are provided with large quantities of insect repellant, as well. I’m sure you’d still get bitten up even with it, but it would presumably keep you from being “covered in insects”.

Sorry to keep poking holes…but as a person with personal experience in the Amazon jungle, a lot of this just doesn’t make sense. The gals are BOILING their underwear…why don’t they just wash their clothes in the river (the Amazon water is highly acidic,( due to tannic acid from the jungle foliage), and is very pure.
I mentioned the laughable lack of success with the fishing…if that idiot who claims to be an outdoorsman had any sense, they would have landed a nice fact tambaqui or pirarucu (pirarucu tastes like pork) by now.
And (may I add) any gude that you can hire in Manaus will show you how to drink from a vine (absolutely pure water), and gather guarana berries. There is plenty to eat in the forest, if you have an IQ>35!

So, ralph, when we can we expect to see you on the show?