Survivor (Heroes and Villains): Who's changed the most?

In the senses of over the course of this show/season and of their original season vs. this one.

For my money, the change for the best is Boston Rob and for the worst is Rupert.

Although it’s not a primary issue for the thread, we can also talk about who we want to go next.

Heroes: Amanda
Villains: Coach

I’m really pleased with both tribes’ choices for eviction so far.

I’m honestly not sure if Boston Rob has actually changed, or if it’s just our perception of him. He’s always been a smart, physical guy with a very subtle understanding of the interpersonal nuances of the game – and yet here we all are (myself emphatically included), rooting for a guy for whom we’ve never rooted before. Did he manipulate or use Amber in some way? Apparently not, they’ve married and had kids together – that wasn’t a showmance or exploitation. Is that why we’re rooting for him now?

Genuinely curious about exactly how that change in perspective has come about for us all!

James certainly seems to have his panties in a bunch this season.

He’s definitely ruining his reputation. He’s turned into a hot-tempered baby.

Boston Rob is one of the few people who just gets more likable the more times he is out there. I actually think Sandra seems more noticeable this time, too.

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and later said.

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