Survivor Predictions (5/2)

All aboard the prediction express!

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Well, given that the former Alliance is now down to a more managable 2 members do Sean and V make a move to ensure that they are not victims 5 and 4 respectively. Does Kathy think she will get further than 3 with things the way they are now?

Tammy knows she cannot win every immunity, and winning 2 in a row makes her the target. Is she smart enough to try and go after Sean and V? Will the General continue to pout and make a fool of himself?

Neleh is in the driver’s seat, with her lapdog Pascal itching to sacrifice himself for her and Kathy towing the line. Does she stick with going after the remaining 2 alliance members or does she do something to break-up the Sean - V alliance before they make their move.

My prediction: Tammy finally loses one tonight and gets the boot- if not the pouting General goes. Darkhorse- Sean.


Beat ya to it.

[Sean mode On] What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? [Sean mode Off]

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Yeah, no surprises this week. Tammy go bye-bye unless she gets the necklace. If so, then General Robert came, saw, went home.

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(cross post) Hey minty- we started the treads 2 mins apart (great minds and such forth) I even checked first- oh well.

I think Kathy is actually in the worst position of all the players to win. There are 3 groups of 2 (S-V, G-T, N-P) and her. She is not particularly well liked either. While she has done ok on the challenges, she is a poor match up on the more physical ones unless matched against Pascal. Everyone has her mentally tabbed to go out at 3. Even if she actually won and made it to the jury, unless she is matched against Sean she will lose. So her only hope would be to side with Sean after the Alliance members are gone, or after Tammy gets dumped tonight make a move for Neleh (adding the General?).

Again, once Tammy is gone all of the deserving players are out. The role of the alliances are too much in the show now- its not “survivor” its “political scheming and backstabbing 101”.