Take a guess at when you will end up being vaccinated

Fair enough! Just a thought that occurred to me.

No it’s a good concern. I also am paying attention to equities in who I offer to help. I’ll pass on some tips I learned in navigating the system to anyone who wants them. But I’m not going to offer to do it for someone who, like me, has unlimited fast internet, sufficient skills, and schedule flexibility. I want to help people who are going to have a hard time doing it themselves.

So I got my first Moderna shot a week ago and have already scheduled my second dose Apr 29
The same place has another clinic today (morning), but they also have a J&J clinic today (afternoon)
So I could have completed my vaccination sooner by waiting…
I’m not upset or anything (I’m all for getting as many people poked as possible) – just find it interesting.


And I got an email this morning saying I’m slotted for tomorrow morning. I hope I don’t have much reaction because I would really rather not cancel work.

The groups allowed to sign up is changing every day. Hope my wife can get signed up soon.

I got my first Moderna shot about an hour ago. Last week the clinic in the small town where I teach at a state college announced an on-campus event for today (and the clinic is doing a community event tomorrow). They invited staff, faculty, students, and family members, which was very convenient for me.

My daughter works at a large medical center is south-east Minnesota (if you can guess what that is!); she was among the first to get vaccinated, since she was in contact with COVID-19 patients all the time. My wife finished her second dose (Pfizer) last week; she was in an early program based on her BMI (although I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to share that).

Vaccinations appointments remain virtually unavailable in the SF Bay Area, while plentiful in less populated areas:

I took a stab yesterday at trying to find an appointment near San Jose. I’ve already got my first shot so I was just curious. Nothing.

My part of California is getting flooded with vaccine and I am gratified to see that the appointments are being snapped up. The county public health site had thousands of open appointments this week as of 3pm on Monday so they opened it up to 16+ and all of them were filled in a couple of hours.

Hey! I was right. Got my first shot this afternoon.

Makes you wonder whether the difference per capita is down to supply of vaccine, maximum delivery rate = supply of vaccinators, or amount of demand = supply of willing arms.

I’m going to guess vaccine supply misallocation. The past week there’s been plenty of vaccination appointments available in the LA area, a very populous place, while at the same time there’s few jabs available in the Bay Area.

I’ve got an appointment for this Tuesday, April 13. It doesn’t say which vaccine I’ll be getting, and the pharmacy paperwork has sections for all three. I guess I’ll find out when I get there.

Turns out they were giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which means that they canceled my appointment, based on FDA/CDC recommendations. I now have an appointment this Sunday to receive my first dose of Moderna.

Guess it could be worse than a 5 day delay. Good luck!