Taste sensations I adore..but everyone else thinks are weird

McVitie’s Hob-Nobs topped with really sharp cheddar or really mature blue cheese.

Although they aren’t savoury biscuits, English biscuits are far less sweet than Aussie ones (ours are like blocks of sugar) and these oatmeal guys are really nice with cheese. However I appear to be alone in this thought.

I enjoy eating a few Oreos with a cold glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice.

When I do this, MrNonA looks at me with a strange look on his face, sadly shakes his head and walks off, mumbling to himself.

It IS a taste sensation that I very much enjoy, though.

Vanilla ice cream with either fresh ground pepper or Tabasco! I’ve never tried them on ice cream at the same time though. I am not some sort of wierdo.

Guacamole with … pretzels.

Don’t be silly, of course you don’t use the pretzels to scoop up the guacamole – you eat the guacamole with a spoon, interspersing it with bites of pretzel.


one of the co-owners of the restaurant i work at ate a big bowl of ice cream with stewed tomatoes one night.

i gagged.

The local gourmet candy shop sells dark chocolate-covered orange peel. My father and I adore it, everyone else looks at us funny.

Peanut butter and hot mustard (or just mustard) sandwich. Sometimes with cheese. Or ham. Or both. I was on a protein binge when I was a kid.

Ritz crackers topped with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly.

The cheese blends nicely with the spicy jelly…mmmm.

I make vanilla water and maple water to drink. This is just a bottle of water with vanilla extract or maple flavoring added, plus Splenda to make it sweet. Much cheaper and easier than lugging bottles of soda or juice from the store. I think it’s good but other people have told me that vanilla-flavored water (vanilla milk would be okay, but not water) and watery maple pseudo-syrup beverage is gross.

Sorry dude but Hob Nobs with cheese really is weird. :wink:

I’m not a big peanut butter fan, but peanut butter with hot sauce (Melindas XXXX) is pretty good.

A thick slice of sharp cheddar cheese topped with a slice of dill pickle. Very yum!

Cranky Hermit, that’s even better if they are both inside a grilled-cheese sandwich.

I also like pickles and popcorn, espcially if the pickles are really garlicy.

I put salt on apples. To me, it’s tasty. To just about everyone else, it’s crazy.

Oh you are evil!

I just stumbled upon Hob Nobs in the “foreign” section at my local supermarket.
I ate the whole damned package in one sitting. But with cheese…? No way.

Kimchi and takuan with dill pickles.
Yum yum!!

Lima beans with ketchup. It’s the only way I’ll eat them.

I like to mix fresh chives, sour cream and a splash of milk in a blender. Brush on nice hot corn on the cob. Salt and pepper. Mmmmm, tasty.

I put salt on watermelon.

Salt on apples, watermelon and cantaloupe.

Mortons Natures Seasons on cottage cheese as a dip for Triscuits

Real Vermont Maple Syrup on bacon

My father used to salt grapefruit.

Pfft. They sell maple-cured bacon commercially now.