Tekken 7 - The only game i ever continued playing online

hey everyone, this will be my first thread on this forums. Good to be here.

so yea, i was saying that i am not really into online gaming, i mostly play games for stories and modding and keep them offline. But tekken 7 is the only game i find worth playing online, i feel like tekken is a game that is based on actual concepts of fighting. Getting better with reflexes, watching out opponent’s moves, predicting movements, changing stance and a lot more stuff of this game gets me excited and makes me feel like a need to get better at it.

Does anyone else play tekken here?

Started with Tekken 3. Never all that great at fighting games, but I was at least able to learn enough effective moves to get all the endings without a Gameshark. Later, I’m playing Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and I’m absolutely meat. Completely thrashed up and down. That pretty much killed any interest I had in the franchise (and there wasn’t a whole lot to begin with).

And no, it’s not just that it was “hard” or that I “lost a lot”. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (to keep it Namco :)) had some insanely difficult levels, and I lost all. The. Time. Don’t even get me started on 10 Opponent Outrun…the Devil Z was flat out untouchable. But I spent more money on that than possibly any other arcade game ever, and I enjoyed nearly every minute of it. Because it rewarded effort, because it encouraged me to find new ways to win, and…most importantly…because I knew that if I kept at it, eventually I’d break through. Tekken isn’t like that. The amount of knowledge and practice you need to put in to become mediocre is astounding, and you have to keep your skills sharp or get left behind.

I’ll admit that it’s an absolutely beautiful game, though.