Test for image posting

Now, about my check engine light…

Just checking if adding a space to the end of the quote is a quicker way of showing the entirity of the preceding post

EDIT: no

But you can add a period at the end (as I did to yours here). Or remove one if they remembered to have one.

Technically you’re diddling the other poster’s post, so not precisely kosher per SDMB rules.



About what I’d expect from a Fiend! :wink:

@motu: For plain YouTubes, the easiest thing is just to insert the entire url, not with any fancy embedding html mumbo jumbo. So just this visible text pasted on a line all by itself:
Becomes this visible playable insert

This is important. If the URL isn’t all by its lonesome on a line, it doesn’t get expanded into an insert. It’s still clickable and stuff, but there’s no preview element.

Another one, 'cause I’m forgetful.

So, how do we do this? I’ll try here


OK, so we can link, but not upload to the site? Is this allowed in all forums on here now?

Do videos work the same? I’ll try one here

Yes link, no upload, yes everywhere.

Again exactly what sort of view or preview you and your audience sees depends on whether Discourse knows how to handle the specifics of that website and the format of the url.

See also:

As I posted in the thread in question, editing my post seems to bring the expanded image back to thumbnail size (which is what I prefer as I’m linking to the page’s content in general and not trying to post an image as such).

But as LSLGuy says, the question of what the image ends up looking like in the SDMB post as initially manifested (before hitting Edit) has everything to do with whether or not Discourse recognizes the site (or page, anyway).