Test results are in....:)

News from the Preggo:

I just got back home from the ultrasound and everything is perfect. :::deep cleansing breath!:::: Apparently we are off on the conception date ( I still don’t see how this could happen, unless I really was abducted by aliens, but there haven’t been any Mexicans in the area for years…) and I am about 20 weeks along instead of 18 ( as my doctor figures which is 2 weeks off what I figured too.) We are so relieved that everything is normal and we know we are having a little girl. My mom is going to be besides herself with joy. ( Girls are a hard to get commodity in this family.) Now we narrow down the names to pick from.

So Cristi, the arranged marriage is officially a Go!

Thanks for everything finger crossing!

YAAAAAAAY!!! Woo hoo!

That was for you, Shirley, not the marriage thing. I am so glad that everything’s okay.

Okay, now we’ve got to discuss what kind of ceremony we want…

Maybe not. If our kids are going to marry, their parents don’t need to be in the Pit. :wink:

Well, congratulations !!

One question. I’ve been wondering about your handle name thingie. Call me a stupid foreign piece of shit if I’m wrong, but is it some sort of word joke and should I read it as “Surely, You Jest” ?

Are you screaming “DUH !” at your screen now ?

OK - just curious :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

“No, there’s nothing more we can do. And stop calling me Shirley !!”

That one was so obvious, I just forgot it :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

I am so happy for you!

I always wanted a little girl…I still well up when I see baby girls!

All my best wishes on a safe pregnancy, and easy delivery…please dont smoke.Sorry, it slipped out!

What, no twins?

Congratulations – glad it turned out well. My wife and I had one that couldn’t possibly have been conceived on the date indicated. She actually went to the doctor to see if she had the flu and she was pregnant with her fourth child!

I’m sure the doctor must have thought she should have figured out what it felt like to be pregnant by then, but like I say…

It seems like we did get an awful lot of mail at about that time, though! Hmmm…

Did you hear about the farmer whose wife kept having babies till he finally figured out where they came from. So he moved his mailbox from the house to the road!

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Congratulations! I was waiting with bated breath after the original thread, and am delighted that all is well.

Awww … a little bitty baby girl!



Congratulations, to you and your wife and your little girl. I’m so glad everything is okay, heck, perfect!

And being a little girl in a male-intensive family will be a terrific. Wanna bet she’ll be a little tomboy who’ll be able to twist the male of the species around her finger by the time she’s two?

All the best!

Congratulations, Shirley (I’m so jealous)

If you smoke, I’ll second that - try to keep away from tobacco until you’re finished. Especially since they think that the taste for tobacco is picked up here.

Finished nursing, that is.


I’m so relieved that all is well.
You’re getting much congratulations from our house (and a few jealous glances from me.) :wink:

Have you told Carsten yet?

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.


Are you going to start a thread for that? :wink:

Ah, little girls. Rhumba tights, patent leather Mary Janes, ruffley dresses. Not to mention softball gloves, basketball uniforms, and rock collections. Lots and lots of adventures to come. Congratulations.

Congrats, Shirley!

btw, one explanation on the dates.

Docs date pregnancy from the beginning of the last period before conceiving, not from the date of conception. Since the average interval from beginning of period to ovulation is 2 weeks, this might explain the discrepancy. (you’re thinking 18 weeks from when you, well, obviously you know what you did :wink: but your doc is saying 20 weeks from your last period) The 40 week average gestation is based on this dating.

If you’ve already allowed for this, and especially if you’ve already discussed this on a thread I skipped, sorry for the redundancy.

Sue from El Paso

After the ultrasound and talking with my doctor, and discussing " ARe you sure of your last monthly period?" (LMP) again, she/we decided my LMP started May 2 and that what I thought was my period was actually first trimester bleeding that coincided with the the timing of my usual period, so I thought nothing of it.

My due date has been moved up from March 2 to Mid Feb.

After finishing our conversation and then talking to a friend that I haven’t seen since Memorial Weekend, it triggered some memories of what I did that month and I remembered I put in my garden ( not hard work, just tedious, BUT I moved Literally and physically, a ton of rocks from point A to Point B in a a wheelbarrow. ( They were rocks kicked up by the rototiller and since Northern Oakland County is the worlds leader in gravel production, it is safe to say we have the Comstock Lode in our yard.) Hence, the bleeding. Hell,if I’d even suspected I was pregnant, I woulda had hubby move the rocks.

So, the AFP test is more than likely right on and not high, but normal considering I’m 3 weeks farther along than anticipated.

Geez, I’m gone two weeks and I miss all the news!

::big hug:: Congrats Shirl! Glad to hear everything is all right and you’ll have a little Shirley in Feb!