Thar she blows

2000 posts.

Isn’t this the milestone where all the women of the straight dope offer me hot monkey sex?

I thought you were talking about something else entirely!

Does this mean you’re going to curse us with a “Western Union 2000” remake?? Please god, no!

You owe me, man. I’ve endured 2000 of your posts.

Where does one go to find a hot monkey?

You go, aha!!

Monster funny you should ask that!!! We go to the studio this summer to cut the dance version of Western Union! Yep that’s right. Then maybe we’ll cut a techno version, and then rap and who knows maybe we could also turn it into a country ballad. Then there will be the comedy version *Western Onion * hahhaha…then…the heavy metal version and…

Well, I know this place downtown where you can get a monkey… we can make it all hot at my place. :wink: lol

::sung in soprano::

In the post two thooooousand. In the post two thousaaaaand!

Aha will realize that all women who want to sleep with him are really concrete in disguise

In the post two thooooousand. In the post two thousaaaaand!

aha is offered hot monkey sex, only to discover that gorillas have a one inch penis

In the post two thooooousand. In the post two thousaaaaand!

Cecil Adams makes a personal appearance…but tells aha that he never really liked him in the first place.

In the post two thooooousand. In the post two thousaaaaand!

post counts are padded faster than a pre-teen invited to prom.

In the post two thooooousand. In the post two thousaaaaand!

chuckles at Ender’s tres cool parody

Oh wait! Now I’m padding… oops.
Let me know what happens with the monkey sex aha: I’m getting closer to 2000 myself…

AhA, you are only like… 183 posts higher then me… but each one has been 10,000 times more important then mine. You’re so cool… I respect you as a person and a poster and a suckup to the Nth degree. You aha, are the epitome of what every poster should be on the Straight Dope Message Board. I FOR ONE SALUTE YOU GOOD SIR!!!

bows and backs out of the room humbily

Thanks whammo! No need to address me as sir though, your emminence or majesty will do. :slight_smile:

Why yes, it is. You mean you didn’t get your hot monkey sex? :: stifled laughter ::

Oh well, I’m sure it will come in the mail or something…
Happy 2K hooha.


Good for you.

Happy 2K aha!

Have fun with the monkey for me.

Happy 2000. So it’s hot sex you want? I suppose I’ll oblige.

:::Strips of clothes and stands waiting:::

But jess, you’re not a monkey. He wants hot monkey sex.

I can act like a monkey!

Congratulations, hoo-ha!

I am hijacking your 2000th post thread to announce that this very post here is, in fact, MY 2000th post!!!

Yes, I realize that no one cares but hey, aren’t you glad I didn’t waste another entire thread just to share with you?

That doesn’t matter! You have to be an actual monkey to engage in hot monkey sex with aha!

Two 2000’s, in 2000!

Way cool! Keep it up.

evilbeth, what are you looking for in the way of a reward? Monkeys seem to be popular for post parties, although I think chinchilla’s would be way more fun. . .

You’re hijacking a 2000th party with a 2000th party??

Cooool. Congrats to you too Evilbeth!! Tell me you don’t want a monkey too…