that commercial (for us non-espanol speakers)

There’s a commercial for playing
(at least in the San Francisco bay area). A fellow gives an artist a slip of paper with what are presumably instructions, the painter promptly sets to work. Cut to gallery opening. The just as the painting is set to be revealed the patron fellow picks up said slip of paper and realises it says “anos” where it should have read “anos” with that crooked, cheeto shaped accent mark over its “O”. The painting is suddenly revealed (we the audience never actually see it) but the gallery collectivly gasps and glasses drop with a crash…

Could somebody please expain this commercial to the sadly mono-lingual?



I haven’t seen this commercial, but I do know that años means “years”, while anos means “anuses”.

In Peru there was a commercial for hemorrhoid (sp?) ointment showing a man writing out a New Year’s card. He started out ‘Feliz Ano Nuevo’ (happy new you-know-what), then he changed the n to ñ.