That's it, bouv has got to go!

Smurf’s Up!

(I still think that The Incredible Thread Stealer would be the best)

Is Furious George taken?

I think for namechanges it’s best to email more than one admin at a time, put SDMB in the subject line and be patient.

Joe King
Hal Fast
Fibberty Jibbert
The Lesser Of Two Evils
I’m With Stupid
Porn Star
Innocent Bystander
Max Power

Out of the ones that you like, this is the best one. Might be the best suggestion of the thread.

So when you email a mod about a name change, do you offer more than one possibility, in case your first choice is taken?

Tainted Beef
Cromulent Imperfection
Day Sleeper’s Nightmare
Fa Cube Itch
Aerospace Treadmill
Treehouse Casino

A couple more choices I thought up:

Drunken Antwerp
Dr. Cranium

Interocitor Sam

You should. I e-mailed my top three.

Late for dinner

I like Captain Pantaloons.

I offer Saner Emu.

(Anagram of ‘user name’.)