The 2021 SDMB Book Exchange

If someone cannot participate, I’ll drop you a note, o.k.?

Sent mine off.

I’ve not done this before. Is it like a Secret Santa where we keep our identity private? Do I wrap the books? I’m still gathering mine for shipment and I don’t want to do it wrong.

Mine are in the mail as well.

Czarcasm’s description above is what I’m going by. I’m not going to gift wrap the books I send~both parties know it’s books, the environment & recycling and all. I plan on using the US Postal Service media mail rates because it is the cheapest by far way to send books but that requires the package be media only, limited personal enclosed notes, etc. my real name and address will be on the return address part of the package because the US Mail expects that so my giftee will be able to make the connection.

Here’s a quick media mail reference:

Now to go get my butt in gear. :confetti_ball::tada: :books::blue_book::books::closed_book::books: :confetti_ball::tada:

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to get to the post office asap.

My package is off and wending Southwards. Hopefully if the parcel gods are kind it’ll be in my match’s hot little hands by next week or two.

That was supposed to be private. Oops.

Mine is probably shipping out tomorrow.

Shipped media mail just fifteen minutes ago.

And I got a haul today! Thanks RealityChuck! This will keep me out of trouble for awhile …

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That is a good haul! Looks like you’re set for a few weeks worth of reading!

I quoted the oops! just so I could post that my treasure trove of books from @NotherYinzer just arrived! I was walking out to the car to go get cat food before my hungry cat cabal murdered me and ate my liver and there was a big, delightfully weighty box on my porch.

What a treasure trove of books and a kind note to boot~I can’t wait to launch into one. All but one of the 7 authors was new to me so I’ll have lots of new dead tree friends.

It is especially nice because I am fresh out of library books and have been desultory poking around in my library’s on-line which rarely of ever has any delights for me. NotherYinzer’s choices look a lot more promising, so thanks.

I’ll be back after I’ve read a couple.

You’re welcome. I assume you saw the note in the Analog :sunglasses:

I did - that’s not something that happens every day :slight_smile: Very cool!

Glad to see you got your box today! I hope I chose well and that you get some enjoyment from that stack. Also, I hope you got your kitties fed before they whipped out the Soylent Green Cookbook.

I did, but not by much. They have chowed down and now are frolicking in and out of the empty box my books came in~I suspect they think they are the true beneficiaries of your largesse, after all, what could be as wonderful to get as an empty cardboard box THAT SMELLS EVER SO EVOCATIVELY OF OTHER PEOPLE AND PLACES? Fortunately, experienced books are just as exciting to me. My frolicking is more sedate, but then I’m not nearly as cute either.