The Amazing Race 17 Finale 12/12 [SPOILERS!]

…which won’t probably air until I’m well into dreamland, given I have to be at work very early tomorrow morning :frowning:

So, who’s going to win? One of the all-female teams? Or will Jill and Thomas sneak in there and prove otherwise?

I would like Claire and Brooke to win, although Brooke is a little offputting to me, for a reason that I don’t really understand myself. Claire seems like a down-to-Earth woman who is game for whatever the Race throws at her, while Brooke (an obviously very attractive woman) seems a bit full of herself.

I don’t have a problem with Thomas and Jill; I haven’t been able to watch each episode this season, but I haven’t noticed any really untoward behavior on either of their parts.

I like Nat and Kat too, but while this may seem silly or unfair to some of you, I think that since they are both anesthesiologists (which I understand are usually some of the highest earning MD’s around) they probably don’t need the prize money as much as the others…

I’d be happy with any of the teams, but I do have a yearning for either Brook/Claire or Nat/Kat – either team, doesn’t matter. I’m now thinking that, if either of the female teams do win, maybe it would pave the way for something else. For instance, I’d love to see a TAR season made up of mostly, if not all, teams who are 40 and over. I think that would be quite interesting.

I will apply for that. I can drive a stick, navigate and read the clues carefully.

sorry for the double post:

BTW, CBS has the late football game of the day. So chances are if you are in the central or eastern time zone, TAR will be delayed.

And I am rooting for Brooke and Claire, followed by Nat/Kat.

I’ve never learned to drive a stick. I’ve never had the opportunity – none of my friends have them, and neither does anyone in my family…

I’m rooting foremost for Nat and Kat, but won’t be disappointed if Brooke and Claire win. And it has nothing to do with wanting an all-female team to win, I just like both of these teams a lot more than Thomas and Jill.

“60 Minutes” is starting now, 26 minutes late.

I think Brook and Claire will be invited back for ever All-Stars season just so they can keep using that watermelon catapult clip.

It wasn’t delayed in Canada and I’m ridiculously happy about the finish order, particularly considering the first task.

I can’t believe they don’t know who Sancho Panza is.

I’m surprised there are cabbies who don’t know what the internet is. A lot of you don’t like the couple, but you have to admit that a cabbie who responds to “Google?” with “Huh?” on this leg is a giant pile of unluck.

A little unluck and a little lack of preparation. Remember Nat and Kat ran the entire length of the taxi queue looking for someone with a smart phone or willing to let them use their phone. Sometimes that cautiousness has cost them time, this time it paid off.

Who else wanted any of the teams to say:

Oh yay!

Yeah - and regardless I don’t think anyone was as prepared for that final task as Nat and Kat. That last type of task is great for this - who paid attention, period? I wish they could go into that a little more even.

And…did I see Team Tatoopid on the second chance clips? Crap.

The 'Trotters are back, though. And Brooke and Claire … coulda waited another season or two before seeing them again.

How close was it?

By the looks of the shadows on the welcome mat, 1st and 2nd were pretty close, but 3rd place was way behing.

I’m happy with the finish and I’m really happy that next season is

in HD!

Okay, so I don’t think that’s really a spoiler, but hey, on the safe side.

I am happy with the result.

As for next season:

Is it me, or are there some teams they showed for next season that no one really gave a damn about anyhow? Michael and Kevin—really?