The Amazing Race 4/8: "The Way You Look, Yeah"

Last week: Teams raced through as many lead-killing delays as the producers could come up with to bring the back of the pack to within the same calendar day as the leaders in perhaps the worst-designed pair of legs in Race history while Charla and Mirna alienated the entire nation of Poland, but Team Guido couldn’t slam their sausage fast enough to make up their 30-minute penalty and were Philiminated.

Tonight: Eh, who the hell knows, just watch already.

WARNING! Although it may be too late already. “60 Minutes” appears to be running on schedule. Hope your TiVo’s are already at the ready!

Another Yield, another burst of self-righteous indignation from the Yielded. Just once it would be nice for the Yielded team to figure out that it’s a strategy and does not reflect on the character of the Yielders.

There is a Yield this episode. It has been used. It’s too soon to tell for sure, but there is distinct potential for the use of the Yield to cause more drama than it does delay.

Deciding (and sticking with it or deciding to switch) the detour seems to be causig a lot of stress as well.

(Obviously, Otto and I were typing at more or less the same time).

Meanwhile…are Joyce and Uchenna never to be seen again?

Our kid was acting up, so we missed the first 15 minutes of the show. Can someone recap please? And, where are Uchenna and Joyce?

With 15 minutes left in the ep, I predict yes, in the last minute, being Philiminated somewhere around the Detour. Man, they just had no luck with witching airplanes back to the gate this time. Rob and Amber are probably in Santa’s Philimination Village laughing their asses off.

The first 15 minutes was mostly making travel arrangements to Kuala Lampur (sp?). Uchenna and Joyce had a very tight connection and missed their flight. They were last seen banging their heads on an airline counter after being told that the next flight out was the next day.

Did you see the Yield drama? Mirna and Charla, being fully licensed and registered Paragons of Virtue, declined to Yield anyone. Dustin and Kandace, who are in the running to win The Amazing Race and not Miss Congeniality, Yielded Eric and Danielle. Eric’s response was to call them “dirty pirate hookers.” Not to their faces of course, because he’s a pussy and they would beat him to death.

Was that a “my bike is broken” from Danielle? I was hoping for a “this is BULLSHIT!” follow-up, but she has very little awareness, let alone meta-awareness.

You know, the POV run-up to the mat loses some of the drama when you know there’s a team thousands of miles behind.

I was thinking exactly the same thing.

My dislike for Eric is now growing so quickly I would almost rather even the Schmirnas win than him. He’s quite the piece of work.

ETA: I liked Joyce and Uchenna, and was sorry to see them go, however, that was a very poor decision by them to take such a tight connection when there was a second choice available with safer connection times that arrived only a half hour later. With all the variables around roadblocks and detours, that type of flight arrival differential can be quickly made up. The risk-reward decision was way off.

Otto, Thank you very much for the recap. Your comments are astute as usual.

Yeah, the discussion about how Danielle has done the “guy” challenges and Eric the “girl” ones amused me. And didn’t make me think more favorably of Eric. Although, it’s true, teams usually are supposed to decide which team will do the Roadblock before they know the details of the challenge–the general exception being when one can see members of other teams doing the challenge.

Oh, my freaking GOD! Danny and Oswald are SO me and supervenusfreak! That whole drama with the passive-aggressive and codependent back and forth, the absolute (but WRONG) certainty of one person’s reading of the clue, the only slightly kidding "I hate you so much right now"s, the happy make-up moment…they are a preview of future Team Weight Watchers in the arena of interpersonal relations.

Oh, and can I just note that there were an awful lot of American blondes leading an awful lot of Malaysian teenage boys around by their hormones this episode…

Not that I’m entirely sure that I want to know the answer to this, but … what is a “dirty pirate hooker”? And how would Eric know what one is, anyway? Is that how he got the venereal disease that very clearly affected his brain and made him such an assclown? I think I saw on “House” how syphilis can make you brain-damaged.

Eric is just a whiny-ass stinky-pants sore loser. Not just about the Yield, either – the mini-tantrum he threw when Mirna & Charla said they wouldn’t give up a computer was lame, too. Dude, they got there first, and they’re not required to share anything with you, bozo. Plus, if the shoe were on the other foot, he would have done the same thing. It must really suck to discover that you’re not as cute and charming as you think you are. (Not that I would know, since I’m so awesome all the time. :smiley: )

Although I am ashamed to admit this, I was kind of hoping for Flo-like levels of meltdown from Danielle. She’s one of the “mean girls,” I think, so her existence on this show needs to be justified by my amusement. Schadenfreude, etc. I have a terrible feeling that this season might end badly, and this is going to be like when Freddy & Kendra won, all over again. Because they might be sore losers, but I think Eric & Danielle are going to be even sore-r winners.

And I actually thought this was one of Mirna & Charla’s best legs, even though they didn’t come in first. Pomp and circumstance and self-aggrandizing notwithstanding, the decision not to Yield anyone was a good one, since they were in the lead and they knew it. While of course Mirna came off as smarmy and sanctimonious, as always, I can kind of get behind their desire to win the Race on their own merits. They did some good racing, actually – the bit with the computers was quite smart.

If this is true – and I have no reason to doubt you for one iota of an instant – then I very much need to meet the two of you as soon as possible. I have been told that I make an excellent mango margarita. Will you guys be my friends?

I’d just like to note that I’ve been trying to get you to a Gettysdope for two years now, where you would, in fact, be able to meet both of us…

Also, neither of us is anywhere NEAR as fabulous as Oswald. It’s just the personal interaction between the two of them tonight that’s so very, very close to us in similar situations.

Why do contestants still continue to select “needle in a haystack” types challenges? 600 frickin’ boxes of cookies, for Christ sake!

Danny was convinced that all cookies in a box were going to be identical, i.e. a box with one licorice center will contain ALL licorice centers, so if you follow his reasoning it’s not as crazy as it seemed since you’d only need to bite one cookie per box (meaning you only have 600 to go through instead of 7,000-odd).

Now WHY he thought that, I couldn’t tell you. The clue seemed pretty straightforward to me, and it really doesn’t make sense for all cookies in a box to be identical. Why would the producers make it that easy?

Wasn’t it just after “I don’t want to be at the airport, everybody always tries to overhear which flights the others are on” that they were at the airport trying to overhear which flights the others were on?

Screw the boys*. Did you see the women? I’m so retiring to Malaysia.

I’m surprised that Eric, given Danielle’s straight line about the BBs being “fake and phoney,” didn’t make the easy boob joke. I did.

Evil Wolfian was kinda hoping that Joyce and U couldn’t make it to Malaysia and were e-Philiminated. Has that ever happened?
*Quiet, you.