the anal is BACK

here is your anal questions again about how many people like it and opinions…BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

Well i would havew to say i have liked it the few times i’ve tried… that’s giving not receiving. I have not been on the receiving end and it doesn’t really appeal to me.

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Heather, never tried it but I’ve heard you need super good lubricant. However I…no, never mind. Too much information!

It’s the strangest thing, but I’ve found that backdoor shenanigans are something I like more in practice than in theory. When I think about it, I shudder with disgust, but every time I’ve actually done it, it’s been great.

heatherlee, I don’t give lessons anymore.

"the anal is BACK "

How punny!

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well folks I have tried anal several times and I have loved it.yes you do need good lube jobs done on ya before hand lol and you have to insert slowly cause otherwise your going to get ripped a new ass literally, it is fun and a totally new different feeling atleast from the female end of it. I have been told that it also feels good for the male too, but I guess some people might not like it, its all in your preference.

Darn Handy grin lol

Just out of curiousity, BurnMeUp, did you pick a special sig line for this post?

I think this topic better suited for MPSIMS.

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Wait! Too much lubricant and the thing slides out one hole and into another, if you catch my drift…

Other notes:
1.First inch into the woman is the trickiest.
2. Gross smell afterwards, don’t plan on doing anything else with it.
3. Fecal bacteria up the male pee pee tube can lead to other male infections.
4. Don’t eat a lot before doing…especially not a lot of fiber.

This is something a friend of mine told me (unfortunately, I wasn’t me…)

This woman he knew (in the Biblical sense) would get on all fours and he would insert his penis in her vagina and then a candle (in a condom, for security reasons) in her butt. When he touched the tip of the candle to his penis against the membrane of the wall), the woman would go nuts…with pleasure…

Everyone knows I am gay so I decided I should not grace this topic with my presence.


I love it, but everyone already knows that. You don’t need artificial lubricant, neccessarily, but if you aren’t sufficiently naturally lubed, you should use some.

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Who has a naturally lubed asshole? That sounds like too much Olestra to me.

As for me: LOVE it. Not on a regular basis, it’s a special occasion kinda thing. I agree with everyone about the slow/lubed thing, of course. I have to know/feel that I am nice and clean and empty or I just can’t relax.

By the way, whoever said avoid fiber (hey, we’re talking about it. let’s not dance around!) you are wrong! If you eat a really high fiber diet for a few days, especially psyllium fiber, you will have very tidy movements and be much cleaner than if you don’t.

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Okay,I’m just trying to be funny.Don’t hurt me…

Damn it Orange, don’t scare me like that !

I thought handy bringing up that other thread brought her back.

I was looking for the fireworks !

As to the op,since I missed it the first time around. I don’t like it. Butt thats just me.


Keep trying orangecakes, and you may very well succeed one day. Once was funny. Twice is just asking for trouble.

Okay after a week of experimenting. I can say me and the wife are there. She loves it, Im good at it, we all have fun.


Anyways its been a fun experiment and I have found ways to make that woman orgasm that flood the room. So much for Newton being quiet and shy here…lol.

Heatherlee is cute.


Awright, ya bastards, you’ve invoked her threads twice. Don’t do it again, or she’ll come back for real. And you don’t wanna see this board if she does come back.

You poor, poor, misguided man. May God and Satan have mercy upon your soul.

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