Anal sex advice needed

Sorry but I need some advice and this may get a little yucky.
My boyfriend wants to have anal sex and I have never had it before. I understand the need for lubrication etc but I have a small hemeroid (sp?) and although it rarely hurts or causes any bother, I’m a little bit worried about the anal sex thing.
Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

Um, ouch? Sorry, I have nothing more to add.

::backs quickly out of thread::

The best advice about Anal Sex is to make sure to be relatively new to the boards before coming and asking questions about it. That way, your credibility is markedly higher!

You chalupa-dropper, you. The least you could do is offer advice.

If you had asked!

“the Internet…is there anything it doesn’t know?”

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My opinion is that butt sex with hems is a bad idea.

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Only attempt it if you are 100% sure you want to do this.

And use plenty of lubrication.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Hey, baby. I couldn’t help but notice the sexy way you were backing out of this thread …

There’s no such thing as “too much lube”.

I’'m also a great believer in reciprocity, so you might want to talk to your b/f about how he feels about the idea of his own ass being penetrated with fingers, etc (something which will give im a working idea of the need for relaxation, lots of lube, and patience).

My method used by a good friend of mine is to simply get a good running start. And blood makes a perfectly good lubricant he claims.

But no, seriously, the old saying “too much grease is almost enough” is very true here.

And contrary to my friend’s “running start” method, it’s best to work your way up to it.

Instead of making a big thing out of it, just have him put a saliva-soaked finger back there during cunnilingus, and take it from there.

Ditto on the don’t do it unless you absolutely want to.
Especially with a hemmorhoid, take care of that first, use meds, drink more water, eat more fiber…then when you’re all better and have decided that it’s something you really want to do, grab a bottle of champagne and some anal eze…and possibly an enema bag…

But if he can’t wait, won’t wait, and keeps pressuring you, tell him to go fuck himself and see how he likes it.

Ditto. If you are not into it, or at least very curious, you will NOT enjoy it. In which case, you should pass.

And be close to a shower, just in case things go bad!:eek:

My girlfriend’s a fiend for the act. Her advice is to make sure you want to do it, though she encourages you to try it at least once if you can trust your boyfriend to make things pleasurable for you.

I had my name before I ever met my girlfriend. Just thought I’d add that.

Yeah, right.

Oh, look you drop the soap.