"The Bachelor" on Conan

I hope I am not the first to broach this topic - I did a search that came up nill. Anyways . . .

Did anyone else see “The Bachelor” and his betroved on the Conan show ? Wow - I think we can safely say the magic is over. Not only did he try to answer every question himself (she only got to speak when Conan asked her directly), but the two hardly looked at or even touched each other.

When asked if they had set a date yet, Mr. Man said they where choosing to wait and see if things could work. (Not good.) Then he said something which I thought was a bit off. He claimed the two of them were just looking forward to living their lives outside the constant glare of the cameras.

OK wait just a darn minute here. Yeah I know the last episode aired last Wednesday - but who is fooling who ? Surely this whole story ended in reality months ago right ? Granted they have done a lot of shows in the past few days, but they must have had weeks where they were directed specifically to NOT have anything to do with “cameras”. Sure sounds like a great big steaming load of bunk to me.

I doubt very seriously these two will ever actually tie the knot. Proving yet again that “reality TV” has no actual basis in reality.

Shoot. You know what ? I just realized I completely forgot to test the “does-anyone-care-meter”. Hold on.









OH. Ok. I see now - nobody gives a damn . . . actually according to these results, not even me.

My bad.

Oh, my aging mother cares.

Everything must stop, when the Bachelor is on. Consequently, I’ve been within earshot of a coupla episodes.

I weep.

Never watched the show. I have never watched any of these “reality” shows.

I did watch “Who wants to marry a millionaire”, and that was enough for me. Pretty bizarre, the whole premise.

I think I saw in some interview that they had two or three months of not-being-together-in-public time between the end of the show and airing of it.

I watched the last hour of the last show, and I never noticed much magic to begin with. She kept TALKING when they were KISSING. Jesus. Shut up for a minute. Unless you’re saying “Hey, you’re biting my tongue, that isn’t cool,” I’m pretty sure whatever you needed to say could wait till the end of the makeout session. I was rooting for Blondie.

“Reality Television.” Isn’t that an oxymoron? What a load of crap!

I’d like to see what her family did with him :slight_smile:

Anyone read about him in the Enquirer? They seemed to think that he has another blond school teacher on the side & has been caught staying at her place.

I heard him on the Howard Stern show, and he said in no uncertain terms that he does not expect to get married out of the whole experience. He said it’s just a thing he did to have some fun and meet people. Apparently they have been dating for a few months, but he was pretty clear that she was nice and he liked her, but didn’t really expect anything to come of it.

handy, wouldn’t you consider the Enquirer and The Straight Dope to be at opposite ends of the factual spectrum?

Jes’ curious. :slight_smile:

As for reality TV, I’m even sick of The Real World.

Yeah, the Enquirer sometime exaggerates things. But one time they did a story on my girl friend & it was 100% correct.

So, handy, what was it like dating bigfoot?

Naw, she found a photo at a garage sale & sold it to a guy I know for $50,000.