The bad thing about wimmins is...

And if I were going to dismantle a car with a screwdriver, this is how I’d do it.

Step 1) Attach hand grenade to gas-tank.
Step 2) Remove pin using screwdriver.
Step 3) Go back to hunting bears with a club.

I’m so damn cool, I even grill!

That said, my father is the grill-master of the family and I learned from the best :slight_smile: I was daddy’s little girl, he taught me to fish, grill, cook, think, and not be too girly.

I can also knit, crochet and other crafts (girly stuff).

< giggling uncontrollably >

Dayum, I am one damn cool chick.

< evil grin >

burp, 'scuse me :wink:

I love you. Will you marry me?


I wanna be techchick when I grow up.

But I am an opinionated bitch and very independent.

What the…

How did all you wimmins take over this thread?? OUT wimmins OUT!!! This is not for you!!

My god… this place just wreeks of estrogen now!

Wheres my paint thinner…

< hands a beer to Whammo >

< sits on the lawn chair and scratches her crotch >

“'Sup dude?”

I’ve always gotten along better with men than with women, so I think I’ll stay.

Screw the beer, I’ll take the Wild Turkey.

No, you’re not. You are an independent, assertive woman who knows her own mind, and speaks it when the situation calls for it. You are WOMAN, hear you ROAR!

As for that estrogen smell, Whammo, well, what’s the problem? You certainly do like it when it’s burning for you, don’tcha? Get a little irritated when it’s the women sniffing each other’s butts and not yours, eh? Yeah, deal with it.

(I’d put a winky face in there, but this is the Pit, so I’ll just call you a loser instead)



watches techchick scratch her crotch and gets pretty turned on

AH!! That did it! Whew… almost lost it for a second. Thanks Techchick… and if you need an extra set of fingers to scratch with… well… :wink:

And Pursephone as far as women sniffing each others butts, I got ANOTHER visual going on here.

THERE YA GO!!! THERES THAT TESTOSTERONE SMELL! That will overpower everthing pretty soon.
AHHHHH Screw it… Gimmie a beer… slumps on couch to watch simpsons reruns

Naw, estrogen usually over powers it all.

< hahahahahahaha >

But I aint no typical wimmin, that’s for sure.

Gimme another beer would ya?

That’s MS. Persephone to YOU, bucko! And watch the spelling. What, you trying to make people think I live out of my purse or something?

Okay, so I do. But it’s heavy because it’s got all of YOUR crap in it too! Keeeeerist, get your own damn purse!

(matt minces into the thread, looks around)


(flicks wrist, sighs, turns to the girls)



Actually, I’m forming the opinion that Techchick must some kind of screeching Harpy in real life. No way she’s THAT good looking with what appears to be a great personality (at least on the surface) to boot. Must be some kind of real ball-breaker if you get to know her too well. Remind me to keep her and my wife from ever meeting…

So, Techchick, can you write your name in the snow when you pee?

Didn’t think so!

Chalk one up for the guys!

(Help fellas…if that’s the best I can come up with we’re in trouble!)

Beat this ladies (I use the term advisedly)…

*Source: *

There…manlike feeling restored!

It’s like I just stumbled into Lilith Fair here, estrogen permeating everything, women in comfortable shoes, if this keeps up this will turn into a hug fest.

And since I have once again fallen into the pit and can’t seem to get up…

Freak - my sled is bigger than your sled and I am the president of Ass Kickers Inc. you gnat squicking wannabe.
My dogs are the biggest baddest mutts around and they could use some bitches, wanna loan me some of those chihuahas of yours? There won’t be nothing left when we get through with them but that’s life buddy. Afterwards I can reline my mukluks with their little pelts.

And for all you “Sheilas”

Who needs a fucking map? My sense of direction is flawless, it’s Lola that could really use a GPS when she goes to the store for milk.

Take my car apart with a screwdriver? Why would I do that when I have such an impressive collection of tools? Sure, I don’t know what they all do but has that ever stopped one of us? It’s always the women using the wrong tools for the wrong job isn’t it?

Who else but a man would use liquid oxygen to start a BBQ? Sure, it vaporizes the grill but it sure is damn impressive.

Yah, but that ass! (whimper)

It may be longer, but it ain’t as thick.

Better watch your mouth little boy. Or you won’t just be the president, you’ll also be a client.

I don’t think so, you pansy! I got these hell hounds as a present for the devil. Actually, to tell the truth, I kicked his ass until he gave them to me. And who you callin your buddy? I ain’t friends with no pipsqueak who needs to wear mukluks. I go barefoot! And the only fur I wear on my feet is the fur I grow there.

I ain’t gonna compare my toughness with the cotton candy you have for balls. Shit, I bet you even use the L-word.

Since I am once again in the pit…

Freak - I am so fucking tough I don’t even know the “L” word you mealy mouthed, fly squicking, gopher felching, traumatophiliac.

Satan is a pussy compared to me, I can handle 40 below while he whimpers like the pointy eared baby he is. Those hell hounds look like cats in drag. Here kitty kitty kitty kitty.

We both know Satan is a chick and that hell is a place with a ton of pretzels and no beer.

I bet a girly man like you even likes wearing his mommas garters and attending these estrogen fests. I bet you’re wearing comfortable shoes right now you leperous, inbred, hair lipped, yak flanker.

Yes… I said your momma.

Batter up!

Hoo boy! You just insulted Satan. I mean, the devil is one thing, but you don’t fuck with Satan. This is one hot potatoe I ain’t gonna catch.