The bad thing about wimmins is...

I guess the fact that I was disgusted by a lot of the stuff here revokes my ‘human’ status. Hell, I can’t even be an honorary female!


Maybe I can become a martian.

Sorry Surgo, but I’m already the resident alien.

::Swiddles high fives Tech and Persephone::

Score! We turned them on each other! Who wants to watch When Harry Met Sally…?

I’m sure this is not meant to be taken seriously?

“Beer Drinking:
The greatest amount of beer drunk before going to the lavatory was 25.5 litres (45 pints) of assorted weak lagers, by Mr. George Wingfield (GB) downed in various pubs in Knutsford, Cheshire between 12:15pm and 2:38pm on 22nd December 1986.”

I believe the scientific term is “No Fucking Way”.

Coldy, remember this was done in England, where the beers might as well have pictures of The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus on the front of the cans. Hell, call it Pussy Ale… damn water is stronger…

Okay, let me take a cheap swipe at the wimmin-folk. When you yell at me or “remind” me that I’m going too fast, what are you trying to accomplish here? I mean really, I managed to make it through college, I think I can read a speedometer. I like going fast. To hell with you pansy ass “what if we crash, we don’t have airbags shit” I don’t buy a car to wreck it. I buy one to drive it, and drive it fast. And yes I will spend time with it, quality time, away from you. Why, because it doesn’t bitch at me, it doesn’t say honey rub my feet, and it doesn’t get mad when you forget it’s anniversary…

That felt good.

Did I say that?

So, we’re voting Democrat now, are we?


I don’t THINK so…

What is more manlike than bragging, boasting and seeing who has the bigger dick?

This is MAN stuff baby!

I’d say the testosterone, after being on the ropes, has finally prevailed. Whammo’s post has been redeemed!

Quick…someone pull my finger!

P.S. Who wants to watch Debbie Does Dallas…?

Larrigan, I see we are both men of good taste, able to pick out the finest in American contemporary culture. I, too, am a big Denis Leary fan :smiley:

While most English beer (and I use that term loosely) may be weak, 25 liters without pissing seems a bit rich to me. Imagine drinking 25% of your body weight (even more when you’re thinner than Coldy ;))!

“I shit my pants, and they gave me new pants! It was excellent, man!”

all stones… all the time…


I’m pretty sure the Alternate Guiness Book of World Records is apocryphal. Strictly humor there folks.

In college once a year we’d host a Kill-the-Keg competition. Teams of 7 people (almost exclusively guys but a few wimmin folk participated as well) would try to drink a keg of beer as fast as they could. If you puked or left to take a piss you were out and the remaining teammates had to continue on their own. I’m not sure how a keg relates to 45 pints (25+ liters) but it can’t be too far off. It took 7 people about an hour to finish the keg and a great many would puke afterwards in addition to having trouble walking (or even standing for that matter). The winners got a Bozo button and the runners-up got a cookie fro their effort (everyone got commemorative t-shirts as well). So, in the end, I don’t think one person could drink 45 pints without killing themselves first.

For the record my team NEVER lost. Also for the record our team had a woman as a member. At 5’5" and maybe 120 lbs. that woman could DRINK! She was our anchor’man’ and was always among the few left standing at the end (she never puked and continued to party on through the night). She could belch and fart with the best of 'em. Quite good looking too.

I beat my mom up, she beat me up. Then we puked. It was great!

No Petes brew, No Petes Wicked Brew, No Petes Wicked Summer brew… Who the fuck is Pete! Fuck Pete!

and we’ll have a Metal detector at the door to get all those cock ring guys…

Oh, and all you roller blading assholes? LOCK 'N’LOAD!!

Techchick68 is perfect. In every way.

And you guys better be nice to her. Don’t make me get up because you guys don’t know badass when you see it. I am the wildest, meanest, roughest, kick ass real man you ever ran across. My mother was a tornado and my father was an earthquake. I have the hide of an alligator and the teeth of a lion. I can dive deeper, stay under longer and come out dryer than anyone who has ever lived. They call me the Widowmaker and I bury my victims on my own property. The crying of the orphans I leave behind me is music to my ears. When I kill cobras and rattlesnakes, I offer them the first three bites just so we start off even. I comb my hair with lightning bolts and my voice is what you only think is thunder. My favorite beverage is the blood of my enemies and there aren’t many of them left. Women adore me and the United States Marines fear me.

I have a rich fantasy life.

Techchick is perfect, though.

Is it just me, or is this turning into some kind of lame-ass, pussified version of the immortal Guy Stuff thread?


And just what is so scary about Satan? I wake up with her every morning and I’m still breathing…

I hear that a woman just set a new record for eating lard, yes…LARD. She could have eaten more but the organizers ran out…

There are things women can do better than men apparently…

Ya wouldn’t catch me doing this…

Giving Satan shit is akin to calling GaWd and asshole. Umm, if I were you I would wear fireproof underwear.

Brave soul.

Ah, Louis, you flatter me. After Mr. Cynical I think you are now on my lust list.

Jeff, I may not be able to write my name in the snow with my pee, but I do enjoy a good cigar.

Swiddles, I would love to watch When Harry Met Sally with you but I need to watch Terminator 2 after that. Gotta have a balance.

ChrisP, that’s why the radio should be turned up, then you don’t have to hear one of my wimpy counterparts whining about the speed.

technichick -

I am wearing the hottest pit fashions right now, a black teflon coated asbestos lined jacket with matching hip waders. The carnation on my jacket is looking a little wilted, going to have to do something about that methinks. The lead lined boxers tend to ride up a little but that’s the price of fashion. Sure I sweat like a pig in it but I look good don’t I?