The Biden Administration: a puppy-hug in the making

Sure, it will probably be all rainbows and unicorns compared to The Trump Years, but we can have a place-holder thread waiting here, just in case.

It’s a good place to put things about saluting a service member with a coffee cup in your hand, wearing a tan suit, worrying about the first lady wearing a sleeveless shirt. All kinds of unforgivable stuff!

It’s too bad about the failed Biden Administration. But we can always look ahead to 2024. :smiley:

Goddamn it, this thread promised me puppies to hug and there are no puppies! Thanks, Obama Biden!

We’re all just Biden our time until then.

Champ and Major! :heart_eyes:

True: Pence stayed at the Vice President’s residence.

Well, now there’s a legitimate topic for debate: What “clever” racist name will the Deplorables come up with to link Biden to Obama?

Just a peeve of mine, but I am afraid that we are going to see the same to problems we had under Obama when it come to critiques of the Biden admin

  1. Ridiculous complaints from the right that somehow gain mainstream traction (coffee/tan suit/flag pin/golf gate)
  2. Substantive complaints from the left that get yelled down or ignored (deportations/drone strikes/cracking down on whistleblowers)

In other words, the only bad things that will get widespread discussion will be right wing nonsense.

I’ve heard ‘Obiden’.

Looks like Joe beat them to the punch.

Puppy-hugs? Dammit - I wanted unicorns and rainbows.

And kittens.

…oh my.

All I ask… is a tall bottle of Merlot… and a Magnificent Inauguration to empty her by…!

Fighting to install a Trump-style Despot in 2024?
Well, you’re the CoGeneration. You Have At It!

There’s at least one GOP idiot who already plans to try to impeach Biden:

And constant references to “the third Obama Administration”.

Oooh, if trump hears that he’ll be sooo jealous, since he thought he deserved 3 terms.

Impeachment is hard you guys!

I really shouldn’t have been surprised by that, but I still am.

Such is the confusion of our age.