The Big Bang Theory, January 30, 2014 -- "The Convention Conundrum"

Weak episode. Aside from James Earl Jones (and Carrie Fisher), I pretty much snoozed through the rest.

James Earl Jones was great. I don’t understand why the tea room was full of little girls, though. Tea rooms I’ve been to have had adults, including people working on their laptops. I think the move to drinking at the bar was a regression to teenager-hood.

Penny is permanently stuck in the 16-year mode. Leonard has probably been paying a lot of her bills, and she gets her food and coffee from the guys. Ridiculous that Bernadette talked about increasing Howard’s allowance, since I’m sure he makes a good enough salary.

But these are petty quibbles. It is a sit-com.

This used to bother me on Seinfeld. How the hell did Costanza afford his life style when he was unemployed? Same goes for Kramer.

Well, with Kramer that was part of the joke.

George, who knows? A combination of unemployment, his parents, and whatever he managed to save from his jobs I would guess. His job with the Yankees probably came with a decent salary.

Not ridiculous. Bernadette controls all of their finances after Howard blew a bundle on an action figure of himself and a 3D printer. She laid down the law and put him on an allowance or he gets no nookie. (The Cooper/Kripke Inversion, I believe.)

For some reason, they have Bernadette making much more than Howard even though, I think, in reality Howard would be the highest earner of them all. The allowance came from Howard an Raj blowing a wad on the 3-D printer.

Bernie probably has all of Howard’s pay direct deposited into their joint account, which she obviously controls. (Would you trust Howard to spend money wisely?) :dubious:

Howard would likely be making a lot more than he does if he worked in the private sector, rather than in academia. Bernie made the right move when she went to work for a big pharmaceuticals company.

But he spends it on toys and Comic Con tickets.

He lived at home, drove a scooter and didn’t do drugs. All of the toys in his room could be had for 3 months salary, max. Where did all the rest of his money go? Even supporting his mother wouldn’t have made that big a dent in his bankroll.

Forget it, Joey. It’s Sit-Comtown.

Carrie Fisher scene was funny.

i think JEJ was over done and would have been much funnier in a different direction. at first JEJ took offense (seemed to) at only being liked for one role. he should have stuck with that doing quotes from roles in character going back to Zogg. he could have easily dragged Sheldon into a goofs/trivia discussion on movies with Vice Admiral Jim Greer character and the game Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

then later he could have splat Sheldon.

:confused: Who said anything about him not having any money? Maybe Bernie is handling the money in the family. She might just want to make sure he only spends some of [del]his[/del] their money on toys and not all of it.

Maybe the Comic Con tickets, the costume, traveling, lodging etc would have meant a blown paycheck. This way it was just a few weeks worth of his ‘allowance’ that he would have just spent on the same type of stuff anyways.

He had nice parents who loved him very much.

JEJ has always had a great attitude toward his own fame. There was a Will & Grace episode where he appeared as himself appearing as a guest speaker at one of Jack’s acting classes that was hilarious.

He also did the eulogy for Charlie Sheen in a 2.5 Men episode where Charlie imagined his funeral.

I really enjoyed seeing James Earl Jones in “fanboy” mode. Hilarious! Carrie Fisher was great, as well.

I thought it would have been funny if the guy coming to the apartment with the scalped tickets turned out to be Stuart…

For the first time since I started watching the show, I sat thru an entire episode without laughing. I guess it had to happen eventually, but I hope very much it is not a harbinger of the arc of the series.


Loved the JEJ twist- if he hadn’t offered to take the gang to the convention as his guests, it would probably have ended with Sheldon getting a restraining order against him.

Re Howard & Bernadette’s income- B has a doctorate & works in pharmacuetical research; H has a master’s & is an academic in engineering. I have no problem B’s income is much higher that H’s.

Well, Howard probably never had to worry about paying for rent, utilities (except for internet access), groceries, and those mundane necessities like toilet paper, etc. when he was living in his mother’s home. So it’s quite understandable that he doesn’t know squat about budgeting finances. Leonard, Sheldon, Amy, and Bernadette seem to be the only financially responsible regulars. I’m not sure how’d you place Stuart. He’s barely scraping by with his business, but it’s being treated realistically. He should pair up with a writer and start illustrating some books of his own as a sideline.

Oh, speaking of Mrs. Wolowitz (Howard’s mother), I realize she’s a very exaggerated caricature, but I know the type. Not my mom, thank God, but my aunt, for one. But to give her her due, I’d bet her brisket is something to die for. :smiley:

I’ve got all the episodes on one of my hard drives, so I generally watch an episode a day. I’ve enjoyed watching the character development of Amy and Bernadette. And the guys taking shots at each other when one leaves himself open strikes me as pretty realistic of the banter that goes on between long time friends.

That’s what I thought was going to happen, since Sheldon asked (directed? Sheldon doesn’t ask for favors) Leonard to call bill Nye, Stan Lee and Leonard Nimoy because legally he wasn’t allowed to.

I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve been chuckling the last couple of months over the JEJ/Malcolm McDowell phone commercials. This was a continuation of His Awesomeness.

I liked it, too. I liked the change of direction when it seemed like JEJ was going to blow Sheldon off but instead befriended him.

“Well, tell Leonard I think he’s a big wienie!”