The Big Bang Theory, January 30, 2014 -- "The Convention Conundrum"

I wanted to start a thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

What does the program guide say?

“The Convention Conundrum” - After the guys can’t get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon tries to hold his own convention and winds up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones. Meanwhile, the girls see if they can act like "grown-ups.

Sheldon Cooper & James Earl Jones? I am so there.

IIRC, Carrie Fisher is supposed to be in it too.

why do the women have to act like grown ups?

This episode was great. James Earl Jones just gained about a million cool points in my book.

Because the guys are acting like teenagers by obsessing over tickets for Comic Con.

Amy’s tiara made an appearance. Nice continuity nod.

jej was fantastic.

i also enjoy how amy is able to wear her tiara on some occasions, it is fun to see it shine every now and again.

does this mean the guys will go to comic con?

How the hell is Penny supporting herself? She has no job but she’s spending hundreds of dollars on clothes.

worst episode ever.

They didn’t say that they just bought it now, she may have bought it months ago. AFF or Bernadette (whoever said it) was just saying that Penny shouldn’t complain about Leonard spending hundreds of dollars on tickets when she spent the same thing on a dress. Also, it’s fair (IMO) to assume she’s not responsible with her money. Besides, in the end it was really just a setup for a joke.

Also, the JEJ stuff was funny, but I didn’t get it. I kept expecting Sheldon to ‘wake up’ or ‘snap out of it’ or something. I suppose they could have gone the complete opposite way you’d expect just for fun. Why not, it’s a sitcom, it can be funny, not every single thing has to make sense.

I thought it was weak. The story line just didn’t do anything for me.

And the preview of next week’s episode doesn’t make me want to watch that, either.
I’m a bit disappointed.

Me too, Sheldon dreaming. Or we’d find out that JEJ was high on something.

I didn’t get the girls thinking that acting like grownups meant going to a tea room. The writers were stretching to give them something to do, I guess.

My guess was that at the end, Sheldon would still be standing behind JEJ’s menu with the grin on his face and whatever you’d expect to happen would happen. Something along the lines of JEJ asking someone to get rid of him, or him offering to sign something etc.

As for the tearoom, I think they assumed it was going to be a bunch of middle aged women having afternoon tea. It looked like a mother/daughter day for pageant kids. I’m not sure why they [the girls AND the writers] bailed on it so quickly. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have had their conversation in the tea room and all those kids could have had some camera time. I felt bad, a few of them got a few seconds, most of them got none. A lot of them (mostly pageant kids I assume) were probably hoping for their big break. Finally move up to TV. It was like when Penny was on CSI.
I almost wonder if something happened, it seemed so abrupt.

Nice Tweet from Simon Pegg.

I’m almost certain Bernadette or Amy said she spent that much on a little black dress last week.

I just checked, yes, she did, you’re right.
I’ll still go with what I said before A)She’s financially irresponsible/racking up credit card debt/maybe has savings and/or B)it’s a sitcom and AFF was just setting her up for a joke.

Loved it! I always like seeing (and listening to) James Earl Jones, and the Carrie Fisher appearance made me laugh out loud.

I know, it just bothers me that they haven’t addressed it in the show. At some point they need to explain how she’s paying her rent, bills, gas, food etc. with no job.
After making a big deal about quitting her job to focus on her acting, all we’ve seen her do is basically sit around, do nothing, and let Amy and Bernadette pay her bar tab. Oh, and somehow spend hundreds of dollars on a dress.

Finally an episode I didn’t hate. That’s been rare this season. Possibly the best use of a guest star in series history. James Earl Jones was awesome.

Wish this was a two-part episode. I’d like to see them pull the trigger on Chekhov’s scalped tickets, let the guys get busted, maybe spend the night in jail or something…plenty of comic potential there, and it would give Sheldon something to legitimately gloat about for the foreseeable future.