The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 12 (January 10, 2019) -- "The Propagation Proposition"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

The only parts I found amusing were Sheldon’s facial expressions while riding in the car with Leonard. Disappointing that Raj’s ex-fiancee hasn’t yet left the show entirely. Worst eppy to date this season.

Only tangentially related-- does Vernee Watson’s agent scan the Hollywood want ads for TBBT nurse roles or do the producers just call her up when the script calls for ‘sassy nurse’? Asking this because TBBT episode, while wasn’t terrible, sure wasn’t much of anything.

I’m fairly sure the consistent casting of Vernee Watson as a nurse in both BBT and YS (which is what she was actually in tonight, I believe) is deliberate. Or else a really, really weird coincidence.

Yes, she was on Sheldon. In my head canon she’s California Sassy Nurse’s mom. Her daughter looks (and acts) just like her.

This episode seems to be for the purpose of setting up plot points for the end of the series – a big wedding in India with elephants and marigolds for Raj, and a baby for Penny and Leonard. As such, it’s mostly exposition and boring as hell. They really should have wrapped this up a couple of seasons ago.

That puzzled me; that coincidence. So Vernee Watson was a nurse in East Texas, who looked after child Sheldon; then she moved to Pasadena, California, where she looked after adult Sheldon and his friends? I agree; it was really weird.

I will continue to suggest that Penny and Leonard cannot sustain their relationship.

Penny already admitted that she unilaterally decided for them that they weren’t having children. Leonard had no say in the matter. As such, she told Leonard he could unilaterally make the decision about donating sperm for Zack’s baby. Married couples should not be making such huge choices separately. It does not bode well.

I’m more intrigued with next week’s teaser. Sheldon and Amy’s work may get Sheldon his coveted Nobel Prize, but they don’t want Amy to be a part of it? I know that’s sadly been the rule rather than the exception over the years, with women scientists losing their work credit to the men, so I’m interested to see how they run with it.

I would be willing to bet large sums of money ( up to one whole dollar!) that neither of these things happen.

ivylass - Me, too. My prediction is that Sheldon turns it down. He realizes that Amy is more important to him than his lifelong dream.

Especially since Sheldon is confident enough in his own abilities to believe he could have another Nobel-earning idea at any time.

Hey, that is as good an explanation as any!

I don’t like Anu, either. I’m hoping for her departure, as well.

Zack cracks me up but I thought the baby storyline was dumb.

What was his business that he sold? I know he used to work for his dad designing menus or some such, but I don’t recall him being in business for himself.

That’s exactly what I was thinking! And then, because I’m great at TBBT head canon, I figured dad died and he’s too stupid to run the company but not too stupid to sell it.

And not necessarily smart enough to be rich for life, either. Just rich enough to have a big boat, right now.

His dad owned the menu design company, so he may have inherited it. His boat is named “Off The Menu”, so it’s probably the same company.

Zack’s wife was played by Lindsey Kraft, who was Allison in Grace & Frankie (the walking ball of hypochondria who dated Bud). It took me a second to place her since it’s been a while since the last season of G&F (but I think the new season starts Jan 27 or somewhere around there).

but smart enough to invent the term appiteasers.

I kept asking Hubby, “Where’s she from?” He didn’t know because he only watched the first season of G&F. I did finally figure it out. Also, what season are you up to?

It’s a lot less weird than both Jack Benny and Homer Simpson (among others*) always running intothis guy.

*Others including I Love Lucy, The Flintstones, Sanford and Son, and even McDonalds.