The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 15 (February 11, 2016) -- "The Valentino Submergence"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I am responding to this thread in anticipation of tonights episode.

I’ve been anticipating this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I am subscribing to this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I am dreading tonight’s episode, so I anticipate a lively discussion in this thread.

I am exiting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

This is a self-referential sentence which notes that I am participating in this thread as a response to the anticipation of both the thread and the episode. This self-referential sentence serves the purpose of reminding people that self-referential sentences are now in play.

I’m anticipating too, but I need a beer more. :rolleyes:

I have now seen tonight’s episode.

Lame for the most part. Emily is lucky to get rid of Raj. The restaurant bit felt phoned in. The rabbit bite was too obviously fake. The shining point was seeing Penny in that little number at the end though it was all too brief (the camera time, not the costume). After a string of good shows, they hit a stinker tonight.

I don’t know; I had a few good laughs out of it.

Did anyone notice the flag behind Sheldon during Fun With Flags?

I thought there was a U.S. and the flag of their apartment. Right?

Correct. And I’m pretty much done with this show. Unless they give the kid up as a sacrifice to Huitzilopochtli, no good can come of this development.

“I just blink a lot; I’m not saying ‘rescue me’ in morse code.”

Yes, a golden lion rampant on a field of azure.

Apart from thinking Valentino is a great name for a rabbit, I didn’t get much from this episode. And I really thing a baby is a terrible idea. How many more seasons are they obligated to do??

To be more precise, “Azure, a lion rampant Or.” :slight_smile:

Possible scenarios:

Howard fails to seek treatment for his his rabbit bite, contracts rabies, dies, and leaves Bernie to raise the child alone. The rest of the gang pitch in to help with the baby, and the series ends on that note.

Amy is shortly revealed to be pregnant too, as a result of her one night with Sheldon. Finally, Penny is found to be carrying Leonard’s child, and the three bond to experience childbirth together.
Sheldon is at last forced to find another place to live. And the series ends on that note.

Bernie miscarries, and Howard is devastated to the point of disappearing like his father, never to be seen again. And the series ends on that note.

Howard’s father learns that Bernie is pregnant with his grandson and reappears in order to be part of his life. Everyone is happy, and the series ends on that note.

… Or, Howard tells him to fuck off, and the series ends on that note.

I’m done with the show. Bernadette has stressed she doesn’t like kids and doesn’t want them; now she’s pregnant. Many women choose to have a full life without children. It is not unrealistic that Bernadette would be one of them. Blech. Pandering to stereotypes. BBT is off my DVR.

I may not have used the preferred phrasing.

But that does lead me to a question, if we have any heraldry experts here. Sheldon described the apartment’s flag as “a golden lion rampant on a field of azure”, but that sounds more like the terms used to describe a coat-of-arms. Do flags get as much scrutiny as coats-of-arms, are the same terms used to describe them, and would a rampant lion be as likely to appear?

I’d expect someone with a podcast about flags to get that sort of thing right.

I agree! A lackluster episode. I didn’t laugh very much… Penny in the silly-but-sexy costume was the highlight, for sure!