The Big Bang Theory, Season 12, Episode 5 (October 18, 2018) -- "The Planetarium Collision"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Total reversion for Sheldon. It was looking like he was becoming a real boy for a while, but he reverted to his old selfishness, not even TALKING to Amy before going behind her back to have her removed from her work.

Today I laughed out loud, so better than last week. I’m sure there are going to be those who won’t like this episode because it’s so Raj-centric.

A bunch of questions, only one about The Big Bang Theory:

I missed a scene in the Raj storyline between Raj storming out of his own office and Howard appearing on the show. How’d that happen?

This is a Young Sheldon question but this is the best place to ask a Young Sheldon questions-- What happened after Mom let Missi decide on the restaurant? Did they indicate whether they would continue with the experiment? Are these the specialists in Houston Laurie Metcalf has referenced o TBBT?

Maybe, but Bernadette was hysterical.

True but by the last scene he seemed genuinely contrite which is a big step forward.

Both of this.

I dispute this. Sheldon knew he had angered Amy and created an unresolved situation. Sheldon’s solution for this is to wake Amy, completely ignoring her attempts to defer the discussion until morning. He then proceeds to harass her until she gives him an answer he likes, an answer that makes the problem about Amy’s fear rather than his malignant need to control everything and everyone around him for his own benefit regardless of what anyone else wants.

Sheldon is an ass. He enjoys being an ass and sees no reason to change

I gave up on this episode before it ended and loaded the dishwasher instead. It’s gotten to where I don’t like any of the characters. I tune in, hoping for a spark of what made the show fun, but for me, it’s fizzled.

Oh yeah, she was great in this episode!

Yes, she was–loved the Russian accent, and the whole “doing a little role-playing” idea. Further proof that, for whatever reason, Bernadette finds Howard sexy (even if she does have to imagine Chris Hemsworth at times).

Things we learned about President Siebert this episode: He’s a physicist (like Sheldon, I would not have guessed that), and he went to Indiana University (where I got my Master’s Degree, so I’m taking this as a shout-out to me).

This I agree with. More and more, the laughs on the show come from Howard and Bernadette, especially the latter. Part of that may be that they’re the two happiest characters.

Good to see Josh Malina again. His deadpan delivery is fantastic. Bernadette was wonderful with her Russian accent.

I’m surprised that President Seibert would remove Amy from her project based on Sheldon’s say-so without discussing it with her, Sheldon’s protestations that she was fine with it to the contrary. They didn’t resolve why it would be an issue putting her back on the project. They veered off to the mansplaining.

Raj and Howard at the planetarium was cringe-worthy. I know they’re best friends, but they’re giving JD and Turk a run for their money.

I think this all relates to the whole That’s Not How Universities Work issue which crops up regularly on this show. Universities don’t assign research projects like your boss assigning you a task to work on. Researchers come up with their own projects, and (usually) approach the University for funding. Often a lot of that funding will also come from outside grants. All of which means that it comes with lots of strings attached and lots of hoops to jump through. Changing the Principal Investigator of an ongoing project is a BIG DEAL, not something that’s done on a whim by a single person, not even the University President.

I could tolerate this variance from actual procedure if the results were funny–this isn’t a documentary, after all. But in this case, it all seems like nothing more than an excuse to let Sheldon be a pompous ass. It’s astonishing to me that anyone in the writer’s room thought “Sheldon sabotages his wife’s career” was a good comedic premise.

Yeah, I’ve given upon the whole “complete lack of understanding of how a university actually works” thing, as well. The “Amy dropped from her project” scenario just showed what an incredible selfish ass Sheldon can be!

I actually enjoyed that scene! I was afraid that they would wind up being snarky with each other, and ruin the whole presentation. It was fun to see them acknowledge their mutual respect as best friends, instead. And Leonard crying at the scene was really hilarious! He’s such a softie…

When Raj introduced Howard by saying that Howard went to “install hardware” there, I though he was going to point out that what he was installing was a new space toilet, belittling him by calling him a space plumber. So I was glad he didn’t do that.

She needs to take off her glasses more often!

Did Penny get any lines besides the stair case “Shut up!”? I like her hair now, but she and Leonard deserve their own story line like in the old days.

Yes Sheldon really stepped backwards, and he was doing so well thinking about others. I thought he would be able to quote exactly where Dr. Proton’s quotes came from; he seems to be getting stupider in that regard.

The Penny/Leonard “Shut up!” argument struck home. All in all, a return to form. We actually laughed a bit. But Anu returns next week, so say goodbye to the funny.

Just for my own understanding, the whole “how many flights of stairs” thing was a snarky callback to the fact that the number seems to change from one scene where they’re talking while walking up them to the next, right? Because my first reaction to Leonard’s insistence on 3 flights was the thought that it was more than that.

I don’t think there’s ever been an inconsistency in the flights of stairs.

I do think the elevator will be fixed in the finale, though.