The Big Bang Theory: Season 9, Episode 10 (December 10, 2015) -- "The Earworm Reverberation"

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

I thought it was odd that Sheldon’s keyboard played when it wasn’t plugged in.

A keyboard that size sometimes runs on batteries.

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!

Boogers and geek make-out session.


It’s nice that they finally resolved the “When Will Shamy Reunite?” story line. So now they can restart the “When Will They Have Coitus?” story line.

I found it odd that Sheldon could play a tune by ear on the keyboard and even odder that he had a tuba. Glad they resolved the Ross-Rachel clone.

Does Bernadette ever dress down? Just chilling out at home she’s still in what seems more appropriate for work.

The stalking the fan thing was a wee bit over the top. I’m glad the booger eating was done off camera.

Drat! I just caught the last few minutes and the damned DVR didn’t record the episode.
I’ll have to watch the episode on

Still, I liked what I saw of it. The “Shamy” is back!

And I had no idea that David (is that his name?) was so tall. He dwarfed Sheldon, who is about six feet tall, if I am recalling correctly.

BobLibDem writes:

> Does Bernadette ever dress down?

According to various sources, Mayim Bialik herself decided, as a devout Jew, that she doesn’t wear anything that exposes her shoulders or her knees:

I wonder if Bernadette and Penny will give Amy tips? I presume both she and Sheldon are virgins.

Likewise Raj, Howard, and Leonard giving advice to Sheldon. That could be hysterical.

Yeah, but you’ve got the wrong actress.

My apologies. I read your post too fast. Sorry about screwing up the discussion.

No worries. But what does Bernadette actually do? We never see her at work. Sure she has her PhD in microbiology, okay, who does she work for and what is her job?

You are right though… you can’t really see her shoulders or knees in this picture.

I believe she’s in R&D at a big pharmaceutical company and IIRC, they pay her a butt load of money.

That’s because they are usually dropping samples and contaminating the lab. Or forgetting which refrigerator held the weaponized smallpox samples. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve seen her at work on occasion. She wears a white coat with her name on it (I’m amazed they could fit “Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wollowitz” on there, but they did!) and she’s always talking (with some relish!) about the dire consequences if some of her projects ever got out of the lab. Not sure exactly what she does, but it has something to do with working with dangerous microbes and diseases.

I wonder if Mayim, devout and conservative as she is, allows herself to do Amy’s kissing scenes only because Jim Parsons, a gay man, is unlikely to be aroused. Do you suppose she’d feel less comfortable – or even balk at – kissing a straight actor?

L-shaped Hollywood sheets don’t cover shoulders. Given Mayim’s modesty, will there be a scene showing Amy and Sheldon in bed in the upcoming Shamy coital episode? I bet that all we’ll see is them heading into the bedroom and later emerging from it, de-virginized but covered up.

Episode would have been better if every ad had not given the end away.


Also, Sheldon seemed to be enjoying the very long kiss, which is weird since he never, ever liked kissing before and only did it because he was forced to. In fact, the reason they broke up was because Sheldon was thinking of some science fiction (don’t remember which) while fulfilling his contractual boyfriend obligation.

Not that TBBT has ever concerned itself with continuity.

Maybe Sheldon just didn’t realize what he had until he lost it. That does happen.