The Big Bang Theory, Season 9, Episode 16 (February 18, 2016) -- "The Positive Negative Reaction "

I am starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

Shamy have coitused. Now Bernadette’s pregnant.


I haven’t hated it as much as a lot of people have, but I’m not loving it. I didn’t hate this episode, but it was fairly boring. I’d rather have boring than unwatchably bad, but it’s time to for it to go peacefully… and since it’s not, I think it’s going to turn unwatchable quickly.

I was not looking forward to another pregnancy storyline; to me that is usually a deal breaker in a sitcom, but I don’t mind how they’ve handles it so far. It’s a sitcom, producer people; keep it funny. So I’m not writing it off yet. I didn’t mind the bit of drama / introspection they showed as I thought it was balanced with enough humor to keep it from being a drag. Thought karaoke was mildly humorous though Howard singing Having My Baby was utterly predictable. I was kind of expecting / hoping that the last scene would be of Bernadette busting out a torch song or something but the ending they did use was ok too.

The good sign is that they did two very special episodes without making either embarrassing turnoffs. That’s the only good sign from this season, but we’re not talking shark jumping time.

Padding out an episode with five minutes of bad karaoke is not good writing.

The discussion about Bernadette’s pregnancy reminds me of the reaction of some people when Amy was first introduced.

All those were from the same thread, May 2010.:dubious:

I’ll say the karaoke was the best bit.

Leonard passionately singing, “Push it. Push it real GOOD!” with the look on his face and with that look on Bernies face was perfect and it made me LOL.

Howard freaking out and seriously doubting himself even though he was the one pushing for kids is perfect Howard.

Drunk Sheldon is always fun.

I like that they had Howard come up with the helium gyroscope GPS thing. If they make it a thing and they invent it and get a patent and make good money off of it, it could finally make Sheldon respect Howard and pull Howard out of the pathetic husband who gets an allowance from his wife who makes way more money than he does and finally put the character into a respectable position as an adult and put him and Bernie on an even playing field relationship wise. Which I would like.

Yeah, the karaoke scenes just weren’t very funny.

Wait, are you pointing out how opinions about Amy’s character differed among people or that some people were wrong about her addition to the show? Valid observation either way but I would say that is quite a bit different from this story arc. Amy is a great character, owing in a large part to Mayim Bialik’s performance; she’s a great addition regardless of her relationship with Sheldon. Once they introduce a baby it kind of changes the dynamic of all the characters’ interactions with one another and it’s not as if it can be reversed. Unless they disappear it into the upstairs bedroom a la Chuck Cuningham :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you want the characters to remain static (like The Simpsons), people are going to have children, just as earlier in the show they began to pair off.

I agree with the sentiment that this was not a really bad episode, but it was rather dull, and that the karaoke went on too long and wasn’t very funny.

I liked Howard’s line (spoiled in all the commercials) about how he doesn’t even eat his own vegetables. My wife gave me a look on that one–I don’t eat my vegetables, either! :o

I also enjoyed Amy’s delight at being able to participate in a conversation about sex.

I’m pointing out that a lot of people were upset about introducing a character that they felt would upset the balance of the show. As a matter of fact, some of the reaction came very close toHe-Man Woman Hater’s Club territory.

You’re right about a baby changing the dynamic of the characters’ interactions. BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT A BAD THING, even in the world of sitcoms. How I Met Your Mother managed to integrate the birth of Marvin with the long-term development of Lily and Marshall. There’s no reason TBBT can’t do the same.

Well, I personally hated what HIMYM became once Lily fell pregnant so don’t go by me :slight_smile: True, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing; only time will tell.

I thought Amy was adorable with her “Yay, me too!” bit. Push It made me lol. Drunk Sheldon is always fun and panicked Howard was a hoot. “Look at this nose! What if he looks like me? Dear God, what if she looks like me?!”

I enjoyed this episode more than I expected to.

A commercial application of a physics discovery would not redeem Howard in Sheldon’s eyes. He only has respect for theoretical physics.

And I would be more interested in Amy becoming pregnant.

The seated couple at the karaoke lounge, to whom Sheldon said “how’re you doin?” as he stumbled to the “bathroom”, were Ben Bernanke and his wife.