The Breeders on Buffy? Can life get any better? It can! Aimee Mann appears too!

Now if only they could get Shane McGowan, my life would be complete. He’d be cheap, too: they don’t need makeup to make him look like a hideously disfigured sub-human.

Although the prescence of an Aimee Mann song is grim tidings to viewers who were hoping the new season would be cheerier.

Anyway, hopefully this isn’t all just rumor. AICN’s primary concern is not always accuracy, to say the least.

Well, if it lends any credibility to the story, I heard this from another source (can’t remember or find the link, sorry) a month or two ago.

I remember it distinctly because my head exploded. First Square announced it was doing a videogame with Final Fantasy and Disney characters together, then Kim Deal on Buffy the Vampire Slayer – it’s like the heavens have opened and all the entertainment media are converging to target me directly.

BTW, the game that Square and Disney did togethre is pretty tight. :slight_smile:

I’m really, really excited about Aimee Mann cuz I love her, but at the same time, I’m really, really scared…no more pain.

Woohoo! Turns out AICN was right! Breeders on Nov. 5th! Aimee Mann on Nov. 19th! My life is complete by the 20th! Here’s a link to the pertinent, if scanty, details. Warning, minor spoilers involved. Now, excuse me while I do my Happy Dance in celebration!

[sub]Any similarity between Miller’s Happy Dance and Xander’s Snoopy dance is purely coincidental. Miller’s Happy Dance is a registered trademark of Drooling Fanboys Inc. All rights reserved.[/sub]

I read somewhere…thought it was here, but I guess I was wrong…that Aimee Man is performing Pavlov’s Bell and Spike is listening to her in a bar. So, since I’m not familiar with the song, I went and found the lyrics.
And wow. Reading the lyrics, I’m kinda worried about our boy Spike.