The Coldfire Pep Rally

OK folks, I’m gonna need a little moral support today. I went to bed WAY too late last night - 3:30 am CET, to be precise. A certain mr. Doobious may wake up in a few hours, and he can confirm this time.

Lying in bed, I was kept awake by a couple of f*cking mice messing around with a garbage bag on my balcony.

Sort of slept for 2.5 hours, and here I am.

And guess what? There’s a credit proposal to be written. By yours truely, and it should be done this afternoon.

Total exposure: USD 180 million.
Total potential revenues for our bank: USD 720,000 annually.

I’m meeting with the trader in a few minutes to tear him to shreds regarding his total incapability to understand basic principal matters such as Return on Solvency and Turkish tax requirements. Which is remarkable, since this particular git is a Turk himself.


All the caffeine ain’t doing the trick. I need a little backing here.

So gimme a C!
Gimme an O!
You guys can pick it up from here, right?



Can you catch a cat-nap on a break?


We’re talking about money here, Coldfire!

Yeah, and loads of it, too. Better stay focused :wink:


I have sick children. I haven’t slept for four nights. I am a gibbering wreck… where the fuck am I going with this babble… Uh? Umm. Ah misery loves company!

You can rise to the occasion! We have faith in you!

Me, I am gonna drug the little bastard so I get some sleep!

I don’t believe I’m going to do this but it is for a good cause right.

:: Breaks out the cheerleader costume ::


You’ve seen my pic. right. If the image of me in a mini and pranching around singing your name doesn’t wake you up nothing will.


jesus yojimbo there’s an image to waken the dead

see the sacrifices being made for you Coldfire?

Get away with this one Coldfire and there will be a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey waiting for you over here for you to Celebrate.

What’s more worrying is I kind of like this look on me :eek:

But does my bum look big it this?

:: Swirls around ::

you might wanna consider shaving your arse. it’s a touch hairy for my taste.

though coldfire might prefer it hirsute…

“YOu made your bed and now you have to sleep in it”

or something along those lines. I have no pity for you…maybe just a little.

Sits on Grimhacker :smiley:


Did you try counting sleep?
Normally, that works for me.
For every 20 sheep I count unsuccessfully, I take a shot of whiskey.
The hangover can be bad sometimes.
To tell the truth, sometimes I look for hidden messages.

Didn’t I tell you to go to bed last night? And now you want sympathy? Ha! This’ll learn ya not to take my advice…
At least you’re cranky, that should help you tear the git a new one. You really need to get promoted, so you can have some underlings to do this kind of crap for you.

PS. If you pull this off, I’ll let you do my job for me for a day or two…:wink:

Oh, thats fair! I barely sleep and all I get is agrivation, Coldy does the same and gets to do Taters job! :wink:

My job’s cooler than your job, my job’s cooler than your job. Nya Nya Nanna Boo Booo. :cool: ← That is me, cause I’m so cool. Delirious from lack of sleep, but having the coolest job out of all the EuroDopers.

Don’t be too sure of that. I get people to press buttons. Sometimes the right ones. So there.

So do you think Coldfire has killed the Turk yet?

£5 on the turk almost crying when he leaves the office.
Anyone betting against me?

I know one thing he will have a good idea of “basic principal matters such as Return on Solvency and Turkish tax requirements” by the time tiredboy is finished.

Where did I out them pom-poms?

I’ll bet ya 5 Funky Ls that Coldfire never made it to chew out the Turk and is curled up asleep in the Men’s room.

Ha! Maybe I should call up Coldie’s office and say I’m in labor and he needs to come home RIGHT NOW! Sure, it’ll give him a bit of a reputation at the office, but at least he’ll get out of writing the proposal today. We’ll just have to pray that Miss Fiery doesn’t call looking for him. :slight_smile:

And he says we aren’t true friends.