The Cute One is a peanut poopy-head (long, pathetic)

Sitting here surrounded by cats, that was unreasonably funny. Thank you.

OMG. Your typos are going to *kill * me.

I thought it was a clever blending. Licking your wounds, kicking yourself becomes “licking your arse”. Who knew? Penis ensues! :wink:

Things looking the way they do, at least I have Anastasaeon’s typos to keep me company. :slight_smile:

Bolding mine. Maybe you’re better off friends than a couple.

You didn’t mention the similar views in your OP, so I couldn’t base my opinion of them before.

By all means, let him get his head together. But I wouldn’t sit home waiting for his call while he is. As irishgirl said, if he really cared, he would want to spend time with you.