The Flash S02E13: Welcome to Earth-2

Ever since the Supergirl show was announced, they’ve been teasing us about the possibility of a Supergirl/Flash/Arrow crossover. Then last week, they announced that the Flash will appear on the Supergirl show sometime next month. It turns out that, this week, it’s Supergirl that appeared first on The Flash. Well played, Berlanti. Well played.

Other things glimpsed on the trip to Earth-2, aside from Supergirl: Green Arrow, Grodd, John Wesley Shipp’s The Flash, Jonah Hex (?), and what appears to be a Legion of Superheroes flight ring.

I love Art Deco, so it goes without saying that I love the look of Earth-2. Jay Garrick’s uniform fits right in with the general aesthetic. That helmet, it turns out, isn’t just for looking cool; it actually has practical uses!

Cisco’s Earth-2 doppelganger “Reverb” has a costume that approximates the comic Vibe costume, without the garish colors. Even before he stepped out of the shadows, I knew it was him from the silhouette alone. Is Vibe now going to start wearing a costume, too?

Fun episode, but I did notice everyone was hit with the idiot stick… again.

Why kidnap Barry2 and take his place when you can ask him for help, or at least question him about the situation? Also, he appears to be the police chief.

Why play house with Iris2 and Joe2 instead of asking her where to find zoom? Seriously, he got Joe2 killed.

Definitely a fun episode.

Anyone know who the guy in the mask was banging on the bars of Zoom’s prison at the end? Was that a reference that I missed due to my lack of DC knowledge?

Yeah, Barry2 can charge him with kidnapping and assault and identity theft (well, that’s a tricky one–“Doppelganger defense, Your Honor”) and Iris is going to be furious and justifiably so.

Still, it was nice he got to talk to his mom, and that Barry2 is apparently good to his folks.

Wonder if Barry will recognize Supergirl when he meets her from his trip this time?

At least Barry didn’t pull a Sisko on Earth 2 Iris.

I think that might have been a very thin John Diggle, or even Mr Terrific. Of course, Oliver Queen is dead in this universe, so it could be some other random poor benighted soul captured by Zoom.

They have confirmed Jonah Hex will be appearing on Heroes of Tomorrow.
After Vibe died in the comics they brought in a cousin with similar powers, but less of his unpopular attitude, whom they named “Reverb”.

I loved that Barry2’s telephone had Bruce, Diana, Hal, and the apparently still alive Eddie on speed dial.

Why did Joe2 keep calling Barry, Bart? We haven’t met Bart Allen yet have we?

IIRC, Joe2 explicitly called him “Batholomew”.

Speaking of Cisco:

You’d have thought that after the seventh or eight time, Barry would have started rolling with the “Oh, right, things are DIFFERENT here!” punches instead of getting completely gobsmacked yet again.

Wow, he can actually sing.