The Flash Season 8

So Deathstorm manifested himself into our dimension just so he could take Caitlin to be his bride? I think it was Frost that had the best WTH-face, when they realized this.

I actually enjoyed Captain Kramer calling CCPD together to mobilize against Deathstorm. Not that they could do much about him, but it was a good moment nonetheless.

Those golden boots really came into their own this episode. Flash Riding the Lightning was ultra ultra cool. (I wonder how much they had to pay Metallica?)

Also cool was the return of Eddie Thawne. WTF?

Yes, riding the lightning was awesome. It reminded me of how Frost rode her ice slides when she was a villain.

When Deon faded out, did anyone besides me say “Mister Stark, I don’t feel so good”?

S08E13 Death Falls

GRIEF - Team Flash is under attack, and each must fight to save not only themselves but each other.

Really? Frost just leveled up into Hellfrost and then died defeating Deathstorm. Frak that.

The writers suddenly remembered that Chillblaine was introduced as more than just himbo and so actually gave him a personality, just in time for Frost’s death. Frak that, too.

At the beginning of last episode, Captain Kramer was organizing a task force to deal with Deathstorm. At the beginning of this episode, they announced a city-wide curfew. In the meantime, there were folks just going to the carnival, for Deathstorm to feed upon. CCPD maybe should have called for the curfew more quickly? They were really quick about lifting the curfew though.

A lot of this is just setting up the fact that some of the cast is not going to be around much longer, despite the additional season that’s coming. I wonder at that. Might have been better just to plan to end it with this season and avoid dragging it out.

Chillblaine won the dice roll for “who gets the technobabble dialogue” this week even though there’s no particular reason that he would know that stuff.

Barry asked Gideon to scan for weird readings - I suggest that Gideon should be doing that routinely.

Frost may be dead, but Caitlin is still around so that actress isn’t going anywhere yet. Unless you’ve heard Danielle Panabaker wants out?

If anyone looks like they want out it’s Candice Patton. She’s been phoning it in for at least the whole season.

Chillblaine was introduced as someone who [consulting wiki] was fired from Ivo Labs for conducting unethical experiments in cryogenics. His cryogenic gauntlets were in fact his own design. He’s supposed to be smart, which is why his getting reduced to a himbo was doubly infuriating.

They barely got her back this season, so I’m sure they’re setting things up so they can cover most contingencies (total exit, severely reduced episode count, back full time, etc).

No kidding, not that it wasn’t already well known.

They had her literally in an entirely different city from the main cast for a while on a different storyline. Quite possible she shot almost all her stuff for 4-5 episodes in a single week with a separate crew.

I had forgotten his background completely. Thanks

S08E14 Funeral For a Friend

HONOR THE FALLEN - Team Flash uses the distraction of a bank robbing Meta to detract from the grief of losing someone they love.

I rather liked the non-linear storytelling in this one. Quite a good send-off for Frost. Everyone had their chance to shine and even Chester/Allegra wasn’t too obnoxious. The only one missing was Cisco. Oh, and Ralph.

So has Caitlin gone full mad scientist in her grief? Does she want to clone Frost or give herself powers?

I think she wants to clone Frost. I also think that she’ll actually bring back Killer Frost, who will be the big bad for at least half of next season.

Chester/Allegra were a little annoying, but it’s understandable that they were dealing with grief by petty bickering.

Iris was unintentionally funny - when people are talking about what extra things they will do to honor Frost, “publishing an obituary” doesn’t quite fit, because that’s what Iris’ business includes doing anyway (it’s not like “doing pro bono legal work” or taking an art class, etc.)

S08E15 Into the Still Force

EP ERIC WALLACE DIRECTS - The Flash gets an assist from XS (guest star Jessica Parker Kennedy). Meanwhile, CCPD enlists Chester for help when a mysterious device is found at a crime scene.

Caitlin: You know things have gone seriously cuckoo when Chillblaine is the one making sense. Too bad he had a change of heart and agreed to help recreate Frost.

Tinya: Is she going to have any other role in this show other than someone whose life Iris ruined? How did Barry recognize her mother in the Still Force, anyway?

Still Force: I am getting really tired of the show’s constant use of Dutch angles when something weird is going on. It was especially egregious this episode. Could the various directors use some other technique?

XS: What was the point of summoning her into the Still Force, other than to give Barry a pep talk? Seems like Barry could have eventually gotten out on his own.

Chester: Uh, yeah. Whatevs.