The French Toast MMP

Hurricane’s a’comin’ towards the east coast of the US. All Mumpers east of the Mississippi need to rush out and stock up on bread, milk, and eggs! You have been warned!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Happy Moanday! :smiley:

First! It’s good to be juvenile! :smiley:

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 74 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 92 and mostly N.O.S. for the day. Looks like we won’t have any kind of effect from Flo round these parts but one never knows, so no need for French Toast fixin’s. The big plan of the day is to defilthyfy da cave. Rah. Ham Steaks and whatever side matter I decide upon shall be supped. Also tonight is Vestry meetin’ over to the church house. I reckon that’s enough to keep me outta trouble for the day.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day. Rah again.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

And chocolate?!?

Of course chocolate. But that should always be on hand anyway, right?

blurf. No Florence concern here but keeping an eye on Issac. We do not want or need a hurricane here. Everyone is still suffering PTSD from the last I storm.

Tis my day off but I have to irk because my Good clerk is away with a dying 96 yr old Father.

Off to prepare for my day.

Mornin’. No hurricanes here, thankfully. We only do dismal weather here generally, not scary.

Car’s at the car vet- it’s only failed the safety check on stuff I knew about plus the usual bulbs and cheapo bits, so no panicky trying to buy a new* car. I know nothing about cars and have no-one locally who does to come shopping with me, so I’m glad I can avoid it for now.

I think I shall celebrate by cleaning out the oven. It’s an exciting life I live.

*New to me, on my budget it’d be decidedly used in the general scheme of things. Hence the high risk of buying a total lemon.

Afternoon, mumpers! No hurricane problems here either, but I might still go and panic-buy milk, eggs and TP just because I can. Not that I’ve got time for that kind of thing at the moment, far too many other things going on around here.

I have lost my bestest minion, she got a job elsewhere in our College at a higher grade. I know she will be great in her new role and I really wish her well, but I miss her already. We are unlikely to have a replacement for her until mid-November which is well past the busiest time of year here in student-land. So now I have my minions in another office who do a great job and don’t need too much input from me, one in my office who needs reining in occasionally because he tends to go off in any direction and start fiddling with things he should learn to leave alone, a newbie who’s only been here a couple of months and knows virtually nothing (but is about to get a rude awakening) and a vacant post that will leave me sobbing into my very large cup of tea.

Other than that, busy times ahead.

Some people seem to think that French toast is similar to a croque monsieur, some use the term to refer to plain ol’ toast. I get confused, but I’ll eat either.

It’s September. It shouldn’t feel like late May!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a chilly and wet 61 degrees outside.

Funny how 61 is chilly in September and balmy in March.

Planning on getting groceries tomorrow, as that is the only day for which rain is not predicted for the next week. Eggs will be on the list, maybe bread, but no milk, and no French Toast for us.

I haven’t kept up with the news so I don’t know if we are in the path, probably not, however we have enough rain coming to be an annoyance. I will have to check the basement regularly and hope my house phone doesn’t go out as it is wont to do when it rains a lot.
I’d love to switch to a different land line company but out here in bumfuk nowhere I have no other choice.

Morning all.

Usually we only get the residual rain from any hurricane, if it’s still on course for the Carolinas, I should be ok.

Rained most of yesterday so no watering the lawn this week. May get some more rain today (70% chance they say) and hopefully the remodeling will progress onward. 68F going to only the mid-70’s today, so there is that.

Nut, glad the car is in reasonable health.

boo fae, that’s the only problem with hiring competent people; they often leave for better-paying jobs, the ingrates…

Butters, may Issac become confused on the way to the Keys.

Now need to put some clothes on (the neighbors insist!) and go open the garage door.

I could open my garage door nekkid and no one would know - just reach a hand out to hit the button! Not that I’d have any reason to do that, nor do I wander about the house nekkid anyway. But I felt compelled to share anyway.


Back to work. Busy busy!

From last MMP:

But I’m not buying eggs ,and milk. I already have TP, canned goods, and tailgating stuff. I just need to hit the liquor Sto, so I’m set for when I lose power for a week.:smack:

Metal Mouse , you wander around nekkid when you have contractors in the house?:dubious:

Nut, congrats on the car only needing the usual bits to pass.

This is all darned confusing. :dubious:

Shaolin monks have a method of obtaining clarity. They hang upside down in a closet, with a garbage bag tied over their head. Maybe that would work for you. :wink:

That was quite a game last night. At first, I was wondering if I fell asleep and dreamed it.

Without the furnace fans blowing in the house, the air gets kinda stale. We open windows when it’s nice out, since we have no heat if it’s chilly, we have to be really careful not to have them open if it’s even a little chilly, since it’ll cool off overnight. The basement is really getting musty. I’ve got DampRid open in a few places, but that doesn’t really do much about the air not circulating out of the basement into the rest of the house. Yeah, it’s a little humid, but the problem is just that the air isn’t moving and it’s stale. And we still have 3 weeks until that furnace gets replaced. I’ve gotta figure something out.

**Juliet **- have you got a fan or 2 you can set up in the basement? Even in a closed environment, it can make a difference. At least it did in our basement. Does your basement have windows where you can set a fan blowing out?

No, I do put on clean underwear…plus they are in one half of the house and I’m in the other with a big plastic curtain between.

Speaking of which, the tile folks are here to finish up the bathroom, so I am dressed decently.

Looking at the 7-day weather report, no more rain after today and it’ll be 90F by Firday. I’m really beginning to miss Fall in North…

And toilet paper!!! Never forget the toilet paper!!!

Up and confused. There was time posted for irk today but it doesn’t show as officially available. So do I go in or just wait for my regular shift? I think I will volunteer to wait. Its cold and raining yet and I am brewing a lot of tea to have both hot and cold and I do have my priorities.

FCM, we do have a couple fans. I think I might put one at the top of the stairs, blowing fresher air into the basement. The problem is that Romeo Jr. likes to explore the basement, and it is not a place a 2-year-old should be on his own. So if we leave the door open, with a fan blowing into it, he’ll make his way into the basement. He’s a ninja like that. But I could have it blowing into the basement while he’s at daycare and at night. Hopefully that’ll help.

We have windows, but none that open. Just two tiny little storm windows.

Metal Mouse, it was in the upper 60s/low 70s all weekend. It was gorgeous. Perfect football weather. Fall in the north is nice…

Short lunch today since I need to leave early. SIL has class at 4, so I need to be home by 3:30. **FCD **might be there, but he might also get called into a meeting, so I’ll just eat fast and cut out of here at 3.

Busy morning, but I’m beating down the current drawing from hell. I don’t like the way Josh designed this thing, but it’s not my job to criticize. I just draw. I also bother him for clarification because his design is, um, interesting in some places…