The gay community continues to amaze me

Gay Aryans.

Met one on AOL last night.

Fucked me up.


Fucked up/anykindofhate supposed to just be found in one orientation?
I know you’re smarter than that.
Still, I can easily see how that would set you back a little. Kinda took me by suprise for a minute too…

How did he fuck you up? or should I ask where?

You mean, like a gay skinhead, or a version of the KKK that’s just for gays?

THAT is really, really fucked up.
Of course, being human, we’re all pretty fucked up.

I don’t think it’s so much of the “gay people who hate” part of gay Aryans, but why a gay person would want to be an Aryan given that Aryans hate gays.

How the hell do you sign up? Hi, I’m Stefan, I want to join you. Do you have a gay chapter?

Easy, oldie - you think I’d give this guy the time of day?

Of course, in between espousing Aryan rhetoric in the chat room, he gathered that I was both blond and blue-eyed, so of course noted that he “could” talk to me. I, of course, retorted he couldn’t because his particular brand of bigotry made him slightly less attractive than a pile of steaming dog shit. He then read my profile (which proudly proclaims my equal opportunity views) and called me a “race traitor.” I found that “ignore” button quite quickly before my stomach started churning.

Everyone else in the chat room, even those whose profiles read “GWM only, no blacks Asians or femmes,” agreed that this guy went way beyond asshole.


Isn’t that a bit like a Jewish anti-Semite?

At least he probably won’t breed!

It was a joke, get it. Like you know did he give you alcohol or something.
anyway, on a serious note, I don’t know if I’d refer to him as part of the “gay community”. When you speak of that, you speak of a certain group of people who fit certain stereotypes and think certain ways, this guy falls so far out of it that I wouldn’t say he’s part of any gay community.

An analogous situation would be saying the black community continues to amaze me, and then saying that I had met a black klansman. He isn’t part of any real “community”. but yes, it is shocking isn’t it. I don’t really find it that suprising though.

Oh, and did I also mention he had “no sympathy for AIDS faggots?” Evidently they got what they deserved for not practicing safe sex.

I found it most discerning that there was even one thing I could agree with him on (that would be the practicing safe sex part, not the they get what they deserve part).

I am ever so tempted to give his screen name so y’all can see his profile. It’s truly horrific.


Maybe he was circumsized.

There’s no such thing as an “Aryan,” unless you mean members of a linguistic group. They’re called either “racists” or “nazis.”

Don’t give them the pleasure of using their stupid lies as your terminology.

The word Aryan means someone of Indo-European descent, or also Iranian in genealogy. The Nazis pretty much reversed that and said Aryans are blonde haired Nordics gentiles.

In other words, Aryan means a lot of different thing to a lot of different people. But I wouldn’t necessarily consider the word itself to be negative in connotation. It’s a description, whatever the hell the it’s actually describing.

In this day and age, to claim you’re Aryan is probably a faux paus, but not necessarily racist in connotation. That guy Esprix was talking to was most assuredly a racist. But that’s because he was a racist, not because he was an Aryan.

Well, on Odigo, i talked to a guy who was a part of the “Nazi Green Party”. It’s a very odd group. It totally freaked me out, i could never reconcile his political party, even though he never said anything racist (hell, he said he was interested in me even after seeing my picture (which was show to him before i found out his political affiliation). Apparently, this group has a large gay following (according to him). I’ve stopped talking to him, mostly because i kept getting annoyed with Odigo. But, the pre-conceived notions of exactly what nazi means still were always on my mind.

Anyway, it’s pretty sad that there are racist gays out there.

I went to bed with one of these types, once. :smiley:

I found out the next morning, when he started spouting his political shit about how it’s our patriotic duty to swear alligence to the Uber-party, etc. sigh He was a real, honest-to-Goddess Fascist! Wasn’t that much fun in bed, either. shrug

I later found out he’d found Jesus, etc. and was getting his act together. Talking with him, after his conversion, he needed something or someone in his life to “tell him what to do” since he was a low-life, scum-sucking queer (his words, not mine!).

Takes all types to make up the world!


what a fuck up.

what is his screen name?

:: rubbing hands together gleefully in anticipation of some serious trolling ::


This came up while I was posting…

I’ve been thinking about that one… not so sure it’s that great a thing. Why not ‘most’ types or lots of types… but ‘aryan queers’, Jewish skinheads and Origato, are just way too confusing.

I betcha he wasn’t gay at all, just pretending to be so’s he could fuck with some people’s minds.

At least, that’s a bit easier to understand than “a gay guy who hates gay guys”…

It seems the guy i chatted with was very into law and order, and all that. He never really talked politics, and even understood why i was freaked out. His job also was related to law, but he said he wasnt really a cop, but he helped take care of people who tried to cheat the law (people who do thinks like robberies, that sort of stuff). I never was clear about what it was he did exactly.

Probably a bail bondsman, bounty hunter, parole officer or something like that.

And SPOOFE, he didn’t hate gay guys - according to his profile, he was quite gay, but he only dates other Aryans like him, and the rest of “those fucking Jews and niggers” are right out. And he seemed overly obsessed with AIDS and had no compunction about letting people know that if you had it, you deserved it (and I think he also blames the epidemic on those same minorities, but I’m not sure).

I will post his screen name, but I will insist that no one troll this guy. Ordinarily I wouldn’t, but he does have a public profile on AOL, and doesn’t exactly keep his views hidden, so it’s not really hard to find him anyway. His screen name is “No AIDS Patients”.


OMG! I just looked at his profile. One sick, sick kid.

Gays are everywhere. This is a good thing and a bad thing. If you have fucked-up people, you are going to have fucked-up gays too. Since gays are more likely to experience prejudice, gays are more likely to understand why prejudice is wrong, but there will be some that just don’t get it. The sad truth is there are probably others like him.

SPOOFE Bo Diddly, I used to try to understand why people felt the way they do, but there are some people that are just beyond understanding (at least beyond my understanding).

I wonder if he wears a pink triangle.