The Good Vibes Thread

Lately, I’ve seen a few threads about people down on their luck, going through a rough time, waiting on some news, etc. I figure we could all up a little pick-me-up, for whatever reason. I also figure that if we collectively are in such a sad state of affairs, the vast enormosity (?) of our predicaments will garner some sympathy from the Powers That Be.

I’ll start:

I need some good vibes becauase I’ll be getting a phone call today informing me of either (a) I’ve been hired or (b) someone else has been hired. Option A is the preferred option.

Just wanted to offer good vibes, hugs, and a nice cup of tea to anyone who needs 'em.

Love ya’ll!

I have 5 vibrators in my nightstand drawer. I love

Seriously, good luck out there to anyone who needs it. I had a very rough year last year (unemployment, had to move out of my home for 5 months due to a fire), but things are better now. I’m sending good thoughts out to doper land.

It’s Good Vibes Friday and I would like to add my best wishes to all who need good vibes today! Here’s to 2003 <wine glasses clink together> and all that it **Can ** be!

Option B. Crap.

Sorry to hear it, Munch. As a fellow job-searcher, I feel your pain. When that right job for you comes along, you’ll get snapped up so fast it’ll make your head spin. It’ll happen – it may take some time, but it’ll happen, that right job is out there. Keep your chin up, bub.

Sending good vibes and best positive wishes to everyone who needs them. Prayers, too, for a good year for ALL of us!!!

I thought this was a masturbation thread too. Oh, well.


btw, sorry to hear the news, Munch…the Powers-that-Be have a better job coming, I’m sure.

Good luck Munch, Zanshin and anyone else that might need it.

Here’s to happy feet!

Thanks, all.

Anyways, I wouldn’t want to be associated with an organization that disseminates ignorance, now would I?
[sub]Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, damn, glug, damn, damn, damn.[/sub]

Best of luck Munch with the continued job search! I also think that a good job will come along soon!

Here’s offering up good vibes for your job search. Since I’ve got insurance companies cooperating with each other after Wednesday’s accident and a second interview for a job, I think I can spare a few.


Good Vibes/Positive Thoughts/Prayers to all who need them right now, especially Munch and Zanshin and tarragon918’s Mom (from another thread).

Munch, think about it this way-- if that place were right for you, you’d have been hired. So really, you’re spared the sturm und drang of a yicky job fit. Rationalization is your very best friend.

though I hear paychecks make for good drinkin’ buddies;)

Happy thoughts to whomever mights need 'em!

You all are more than welcome to join us here.

Comfort Party

Plenty of good feelings, Chocolate, Puppie Dogs, and Earl Grey to go around :wink:

I want good vibes sent to me. please please pretty please?
A) Gotta find out whether this guy has a thing for me or not (I realize this is stupid high school stuff, but I’m still a senior. I’m entitled… so send me vibes?)
B) I can’t go to France on the 15th of March if Bush declares war.
C) I’m scared to go out into the world after summer!
k. can I have vibes? wanders over to the comfort party

I’m pickin’ up good vibrations
She’s giving me excitations
Good good good good vibrations

-----> over to Munch, who will get a job soon. Just like me, who will also get a job soon.

Chocolate! Yum!